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Elizabeth Daly

July 9 , 2020

A listing of Elizabeth Daly's excellent 16 book series of mysteries featuring Henry Gamadge (and one other.) Listings include all editions I have been able to identify in the United States and Great Britain.

Elizabeth Daly Bibliography

The Detective Book Club 3-im-1 Omnibuses from Walter J Black

June 7, 2020

A checklist of the 3-in-1 omnibuses produced by the Detective Book Club and Walter J. Black Inc. between 1942 and (probably) 1999. More than 800 volumes. More than 800 different authors. More than 2,500 titles - a comprehensive survey of mysteries and thrillers published in the United States though the last 6 decades of the 20th century.

Detective Book Club 3-in-1 Omnibuses

Erle Stanley Gardner

February 2, 2020

A very large listing of the editions (and different cover designs) for Erle Stanley Gardner.

Erle Stanley Gardner: A Bibliography with Editions and Variants

Seafarers' Voices

September 6, 2019

Seafarer's Voices is a small series of uniform reprints from Seaforth Publishers, a maritime publisher part of the Pen & Swords Publishing group. In this listing I provide a survey of the original editions for each title in the series. While Seaforth's series has been modernized and abridged, and is well designed, it is interesting to see what earlier editions are available. From links to bookselling sites one can generally see photos of 19th and 20th century editions, and see what provides the best match for one's individual tastes.

The Seafarers' Voices Series: A checklist and survey of editions

A Jack Vance Checklist

July 12, 2019

Jack Vance, like other successful genre writers, has a complicated bibliography. This checklist is an exercise in trying to capture the details of those complications of editions, revisions and collections, and also an attempt to manage a large number of cover images that accompany the normal publication details.

Jack Vance: A Checklist of Science Fiction and Fantasy in Book Form

The Gifford Lectures

March 11, 2019
The Gifford Lectures were established in the 1880's, and provide for annual lectures at the University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow, University of Aberdeen, and the University of St. Andrews. A lecture series was intended to last for two years, and to then be published. The series is still going strong. Though 2017 there have been 287 lectures (roughly - there are complications when two years of lectures were produced with different titles), and 222 published volumes have been identified.

The Gifford Lectures

General Updates

October 31, 2018
Updates to the Peninsular War Bibliography, including many new links to digitized texts (now over 200 of the titles listed have links to their full text at the Hathi Trust, Project Gutenberg, The British Library or Google Books). And some minor site reorganization.

Loeb Classical Library

October 12, 2018
A complete listing of the Loeb Classical Library, with links to information on the authors, the publisher's web site, to full text copies at Hathi Trust (when available), and online book searches.

Loeb Classical Library

Bohn's Classical Library

September 24, 2018
Adding the series section of PagesOfPages, a complete (probably) listing of Bohn's Classical Library, accompanied by links to the full text of every entry in the series (at the Hathi Trust), and search links configured for various used books sites. Most of these volumes were widely available for fifty years or more, but despite that are no longer common - probably due to the relative fragility of the earlier bindings. Using the links to search biblio, abebooks, and so on, in most cases just a few copies are available. When an author is represented by multi-volume sets, a complete set in decent condition can be either impossible or very expensive. For example, as I write this there is a single complete set of the four volumes of Philo Judaeuas available for $225.00 - that seems like a bargain. The six volumes of Pliny's Natural History can be had for either $500.00 or $1000.00.

Augustus De Morgan and the Athenaeum: The Book Reviews

Between 1840 and 1869 Augustus De Morgan, a Professor of Mathematics at the new University of London, wrote over a thousand book reviews for The Athenaeum, a leading literary weekly published in London. He accomplished that in just 26 years since there was a five year gap in 1850 though 1854 when, due to a disagreement with the editor, no reviews were published. The reviews ranged from detailed multipage discussions to one-liners.

The listing of De Morgan's reviews, arranged chronologically, lists the 1,003 reviews attributed to him, and contains links, when available, to the full text, online, of the page in the each issue of the Athenaeum where the review occurred, and links to the full text of the book being reviewed, at the British Library and/or the Hathi Trust. Not all books could be found online, and not very issue of the Athenaeum could be located, but in the majority of cases they are, and it becomes a simple matter to read the original review and then examine the original edition of the book under review....more...

A Note on Augustus De Morgan

August 3, 2018
I recently had the good fortune to stumble across a copy of Augustus De Morgan's A Budget of Paradoxes in a used bookstore in Belfast, Maine. It was in a shelf of "History of Ideas" books (a volume of essays by A. O. Lovejoy, usually considered the founder of that discipline, was next to it ). I knew just enough about De Morgan to know he was a mathematician, ...more... 

The Sather Lectures

April 24, 2018
Something different: a lecture series from the University of California, on ancient Greece and Rome. Its a pretty remarkable series; it began in 1921 and nearly half of the titles are still in print. I own a few and wanted an aid to help me pick out and purchase other titles in the series.

The Sather Lectures

The Cresset Library

April 1, 2018

A list of the twenty-odd titles published by Cresset Press in their Cresset Library series in the forties into the sixties - an attractive and interesting selection of historical reprints.

A checklist of the Cresset Library series

Bohn's Antiquarian Library

March 2018
A checklist of books published in the Bohn's Antiquarian Library series between 1847 and 1913. Each entry is accompanied by a link to the full text of the publication (at the Hathi Trust) as well as links to author biographies and searches of used book sites.

A checklist of Bohn's Antiquarian Library

A note on military memoirs

Military memoirs are a long-time interest of mine, dating back to reading Goodbye to All That decades ago. I recently stumbled across an interesting top-ten type list for Military Memoirs. Most such things are just so much click-bait, but this was quite good: Andrew Sharples' top 10 war memoirs from the Guardian newspaper in 2015. It was extremely nice to see some books I am not familiar with: The Junior Officers’ Reading Club by Patrick Hennessey, for example, and I will definitely check out out a number of the books that are new to me. The one selection from the Peninsular War is perfectly reasonable, though I prefer the memoirs that are a bit more colorful, such as Adventures With the Connaught Rangers or Adventures in the Rifle Brigade. The Guardian is an excellent newspaper: support it.

Checklists of Dover Publications

February 2018
The initial group covers selected items published by Dover in Mystery & Detection, Science Fiction, Fantasy & Supernatural Fiction, and classic accounts of Exploration. Books covered go back to the fifties of the last century; many are still in print.

Checklists of selected Dover reprints

Next up, a list of Classic Thrillers published by J. M. Dent in the 1980's

January 17, 2018.
A listing of around 40 vintage thrillers published in the 1980's. Sapper, Dornford Yates, Geoffrey Household, John Buchan and others. Very British.

The Classic Thrillers Series

A Bibliography of the Peninsula War Spain and Portugal 1808-1814

First up is a bibliography I put together more than a decade ago for the Peninsular War in Spain and Portugal. I found it fascinating because it was the first prolonged military conflict with a large number of literate participants who later wrote about it. There are links to various bookselling sites, to Worldcat (when I have located a catalog entry), and I have begun to add links to full text when available, at Project Gutenberg and the Hathi Trust.

A list of books relating to the Peninsular War in Spain and Portugal 1808-1814