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The Cresset Library

A checklist of the books published in the Cresset Library reprint series

The Cresset Library is a series published by Cresset press; it has had at least three distinct lives. Before World War II a few volumes of story collections were published in the series. After the war it was reborn as a very good series of historical reprints, usually of somewhat neglected books. The books are neatly produced, with good paper (particularly for late forties where some British publishers appear to have had difficulties obtaining decent paper), and with jackets of varied colors but similar designs.

Later, the series name was used occasionally for other kinds of books. This checklist is concerned only with the reprint series.

There is a very good discussion of the series on the Series of Series website, and Wikipedia has an article on the Cresset Press.

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Aubrey, John Brief Lives Selected and edited, and with an introduction and notes by Anthony Powell. 1949. 397pp.


Bewick, Thomas A Memoir of Thomas Bewick written by Himself Edited and with an introduction by Montagu Weckley. With wood engravings by Thomas Bewick. 1961. 204pp. The last title in the standard format that I have been able to identify.
Borrow, George The Romany Rye With an introduction by Walter Starkie. 1948. 414pp.


Clemens, Samuel L. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn With an introduction by T. S. Eliot. 1950. 291pp.
Cook, James The Voyages of Captain Cook Edited and with an introduction by Christopher Lloyd. 1949. 384pp.
Crabbe, George The Life of George Crabbe by his son with an introduction by Edmund Blunden. 1947. 286pp.


De Quincey, Thomas The Opium Eater and Autobiography Edited and with an introduction by Edward Sackville-West. 1950. 339pp.
de Vigny, Alfred The Military Necessity (Servitude et Grandeur militaires) Translated and with an introduction by Humphrey Hare. 1953. 209pp.



Fiennes, Celia The Journeys of Celia Fiennes edited from the original MS and with an introduction and notes by Christopher Morris. Preface by G. M. Trevelyan. 1947. 376pp. Possibly a revised edition in 1949?
Fromentin, Eugène Dominique Translated by Sir Edward Marsh. 1948. 250pp.



Hogg, James The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner with an introduction by Andre Gide. 1947. 230pp.
Hunt, Leigh The Autobiography of Leigh Hunt edited and with an introduction and notes by J.E. Morpurgo. 1948. 512pp.




Le Fanu, Sheridan Uncle Silas with an introduction by Elizabeth Bowen. 1947. 480pp.


Melville, Herman Moby Dick with an introduction by Montgomery Belgion. 1946. 577pp.
Morier, James The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan With an introduction by Richard Jennings. 1949. 459pp.




Raspe, R. E. Singular Travels, Campaigns and Adventures of Baron Munchausen edited and with an introduction by John Carswell. Illustrated by Leslie Wood. 1948. 178pp. Also listed (on the back of an early printing of the George Crabbe life) as The Marvelous Travels of Baron Munchausen and illustrated by Mervyn Peake.


Southey, Robert Letters From England Edited and with an introduction by Jack Simmons. 1951. 494pp.
Swift, Jonathan Selected Prose Works of Jonathan Swift Edited and with an introduction by John Hayward. 1949. 483pp.


Turgenev, Ivan On The Eve Translated by Moura Budberg. 1950. 218pp.
Turgenev, Ivan A Sportsman's Notebook Translated by Charles and Natasha Hepburn. 1950. 397pp.


White, Gilbert The Natural History of Selborne edited and with an introduction by James Fisher. Illustrated by Clair Oldham. 1947. 296pp.