The Classic Thrillers Series published under the Dent imprint 1983-1989

A short list of books published in the Dent Classic Thriller Series.

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Adrian, Jack [editor] Sexton Blake Wins 0460024825. 460pp. 1986. Sexton Blake was a company name, appearing in magazines, comic books, novels, movies and anything else that came to hand over a very long span of time.
Allingham, Margery Traitor's Purse 0460022997. 1985.
Ambler, Eric Epitaph for a Spy xii, 253pp. 0460022679. 1984. Introduction by H.R.F Keating. Cited as published by Everyman :TD in 1984; by Dent in 1989.

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Balchin, Nigel A Sort of Traitors 272pp. 0460024914. 1987. First published in 1949. "A gripping story of treachery set in a scientific research laboratory in post-war London". [no introduction]
Blake,Nicholas The Sad Variety 0460024078. 1985. First published in 1964.
Buchan, John Castle Gay 228pp. 0460022423. 1983. First published in 1930. "A splendid story of romance and political intrigue, set in the 1920s among the heather-clad hills of Scotland". Introduced by David Daniell.
Buchan, John The Courts of the Morning 405pp. 0460022407. 1983. First published in 1929. "Revolution, drugs and slavery - Buchan's classic adventure set in South America in the 1920s". Introduced by T. J. Binyon.
Buchan, John The House of Four Winds 0460022415. 1984.
Buchan, John The Power-House 112pp. 0460022431. 1984. First published in 1916. "Buchan's classic novel of political intrigue and treachery in high places". Introduced by Anthony Quinton.

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Charteris, Leslie Enter the Saint 0460022628. 1983.
Charteris, Leslie The Saint in New York 0460022636. 1984.
Chesterton, G. K. The Best of Father Brown 274pp. 0460024892. 1987.
Childers, Erskine The Riddle of the Sands 0460022717. 1984.
Coles, Manning Drink to Yesterday 237pp. 0460022849. 1984. First published in 1940. "A superior First World War thriller that strips the glamour from war and espionage". Introduced by T. J. Binyon.

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Harling, Robert The Enormous Shadow 272pp. 04600233985. 1985. First published in 1955. "A superb novel of treachery set in the Cold War at its most chilling - 'a quite brilliant thriller' Manchester Guardian". Introduced by Matthew Coady. His Wikipedia entry is particularly interesting.
Hope, Anthony The Prisoner of Zenda 137pp. 0460022725. 1984. First published in 1894. "An Englishman travelling in Europe encounters romance and political intrigue in this masterpiece of adventure". Introduced by Geoffrey Household.
Hornung, E. W. The Collected Raffles 488pp. 0460023977. 1985. Introduction by Jeremy Lewis.
Household, Geoffrey A Rough Shoot 127pp. 0460022911. 1984. First published in 1951. "Honour and patriotism combine with action and suspense in this enthralling novel set in Dorset soon after the Second World War". Introduced by T. J. Binyon.
Household, Geoffrey Watcher in the Shadows 171pp. 0460024159. 1985. First published in 1960. "By the author of Rogue Male - A gripping novel of pursuit and post-war retribution".

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Mason, A. E. W. The Four Feathers 272pp. 0460024280. 1986.

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Priestley, J. B. Black-out in Gretley 0460125443 . 1987.
Priestley, J. B. The Shapes of Sleep 0460125540. 1988.

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Rohmer, Sax The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu 237pp. 0460022903. 1985. First published in 1913. "The famous novel that introduced one of the most sinister vollains of thriller fiction". Introduced by D. J. Enright.

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Sapper The Best Short Stories 0460046721. 1984. Also reported in hardcover with same isbn. Introduced by Jack Adrian.
Sapper The Black Gang 189pp. 0460022458. 1983. First published in 1922. "Bulldog Drummond risks all to save England in this action-packed thriller set in the 1920s". Introduced by Ion Trewin.
Sapper Bulldog Drummond 209pp. 046002244X. 1985. First published in 1920. "the first in the famouse series of Bulldog Drummond novels, a fast-moving thriller set in the aftermath of World War I". Introduced by Richard Usborne.
Sapper The Female of the Species 312pp. 0460125788. 1988. First published in 1928. "Bulldog Drummond encounters cunning in a devilish form in this cracking thriller of the 1920s". [no introduction].
Sapper The Final Count 1952pp. 0460022474. 1985.
Sapper The Return of Bulldog Drummond 316pp. 046012577X. 1989.
Sapper The Third Round 195pp. 0460022466. 1984. Introduction by Jeremy Lewis.

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Wallace, Edger The Four Just Men xci, 139pp. 0460023969. 1985. First published in 1905. "The famous novel that launched Edgar Wallace as one of the top crime novelists of this century". Introduced by Jack Adrian.
Wallace, Edger The Mind of Mr. J.G. Reeder 151pp. 0460022563. 1983. Introduction by Julian Symons

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Yates, Dornford The Best of Berry 0460125834. 1989.
Yates, Dornford Blind Corner 163pp. 0460022482. 1983.
Yates, Dornford Blood Royal xiii, 176ppp. 0460022695. 1984. Introduction by A.J. Smithers
Yates, Dornford Cost Price 286pp. 0460024795. 1987. First published in 1949. "Dornford Yates was a marvellous storyteller. EVen now I can pick up one of his hovels and find myself reading on and on and on...". [no introduction].
Yates, Dornford An Eye for a Tooth 251pp. 046012580X. 1988. First published in 1943. "Mansell and his friends join forces in a blazing trail of adventure in this classic gem of the 1930s". [no introduction].
Yates, Dornford Fire Below 0460125591. 1988
Yates, Dornford Gale Warning 0460022687. 1985
Yates, Dornford Perishable Goods 0460022490. 1984. 176pp.
Yates, Dornford Red in the Morning 255pp. 0460024787. 1986. First published in 1946. "Dornford Yates was a marvellous storyteller. Even now I can pick up one of his novels and find myself reading on and on and on...". [no introduction].
Yates, Dornford She Fell Among Thieves 0460022504. 1985.
Yates, Dornford Shoal Waters 0460125818. 1989.