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Detective Book Club 3-in-1 Mystery Omnibuses for 2000

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The last year for which any of the reprinted novels have a copyright date. Its very likely that some of many volumes categorized as 1998 or 1999 where actually issued in 2000. No volume so far identified reprints a novel with a copyright date after 2000.
  Detective Book Club issue assigned to 2000
  • Dibdin, Michael. Blood Rain (1999 Pantheon)
  • Keating, H R F. Hard Detective (2000 St Martins)
  • Stansberry, Domenic. Manifesto For the Dead (2000 Permanent Press)
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  Detective Book Club issue assigned to 2000
  • Wishnia, K J A. The Glass Factory (2000 Dutton)
  • Morton, C W. Sea Trials (1999 St Martins)
  • Roberts, John Maddox. Saturnalia: SPQR V (1999 Minotaur)
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  Final cover style. Reported by the LA Times to be a May 2000 selection of the Detective Book Club.
  • Seranella, Barbara. Unwanted Company (1999 Harper)
  • Franscell, Ron. The Deadline (1999 Write Way)
  • Goldberg, Marshall. Intelligence (1996 Dufour)
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