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Classics Overview

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The Classics are the basis for Everyman's Library. When considered part from the titles that are now classified, in the US, as "Contemporary Classics", the series through the end of 2022 includes 235 titles, a few of which are multi-volume sets, there are only four that can not be found in either the US or the UK publisher's listings.
There are are handful of titles that were published - as far as I can tell - in only the US or the UK. Sometimes in older volumes that contain a list of series bound in the rear that will be such a notation - "US only" or "UK only" - but sometimes it is concluded based on seaches of sites such as WorldCat, the British Library, and various bookselling sites. So the following listing may contain errors. Why Evelyn or Wordsworth or the Trollope ( on among many others that were published in the US) should not have appeared in the US is a mystery. Random House already published Proust in it's Modern Library series; while there is plenty of other overlap between Modern Library and Everyman's Library, they may have felt that the Proust was too expensive to duplicate.
No titles were added to the series in 2022; 2013 is the last time as many as four new titles were added in a year.