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The Case of the Glamorous Ghost - Ballantine & Fawcett
Ballantine began reprinting Gardner books in the early eighties and continued into the early 2000's. At some point in the late 1990's (?) they began using the Fawcett imprint. It seems impossible, from the paperbacks themselves, to date any copy other than a first printing, and - as is shown below - even that is unreliable. The Ballantine issues often appear with two or three different covers, and the most that can be done from the books themselves is to assign a sequence based on the style of the cover. With the title below the Fawcett printing even retains the markings of a first printing from 1982.

Pocket Book 1xxx/25 cents 6xxx/35 cents
Around 1961, for a guess, Pocket Books raised prices on backstock from 25 cents to 35 cents. They put updated covers on the same printings of text blocks, so there are titles where the same printing number, as recorded on the verso of the title page, appears under to different prices and book numbers. The Case of the Long-Legged Models is an example. Both copies below are first printings from June 1960. The only difference found in 6009, aside from the price and book number on the front cover, and the book number on the spine, is a Detective Book Club advertisement bound in between pages 88 and 89 - for the six latest mysteries by Erle Stanley Gardner plus a detective book club triple-decker. The six mysteries run from The Case of the Calendar Girl from 1958 though the Case of the Duplicate Daughter published in June of 1960. That suggests the switch was made in late 1960 or early 1961.