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Erle Stanley Gardner: A Bibliography

Nonfiction Titles by Date of First Publication

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The Land of Shorter Shadows (1948) (1 entries)
The Court of Last Resort (1952) (3 entries)
Neighborhood Frontiers (1954) (1 entries)
Hunting the Desert Whale (1960) (4 entries)
Hovering Over Baja (1961) (1 entries)
The Hidden Heart of Baja(1962) (2 entries)
The Desert is Yours(1963) (3 entries)
The World of Water (1964) (1 entries)
Hunting Lost Mines by Helicopter(1965) (1 entries)
Off the Beaten Track in Baja(1967) (1 entries)
Gypsy Days on the Delta(1967) (1 entries)
Mexico's Magic Square(1968) (1 entries)
Drifting Down the Delta(1969) (1 entries)
Host With the Big Hat(1969) (1 entries)
Cops on Campus and Crime in the Streets (1970) (2 entries)