A List of Books Relating to the Peninsular War in Spain

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Her heart was true: a story of the Peninsular war founded on fact. By an idle exile..
• New York: Cassell Publishing Company: 1893. 134pp. Published in the series The "Unknown" Library, which seems accurate..

Adkin, Mark

The Sharpe companion : a detailed historical and military guide to Bernard Cornwell's bestselling series of Sharpe novels.
• London: HarperCollins: 1998. xxii,322pp. isbn: 0002571587 Amazon  

[A Military Officer]

Allan M'Dougall, or, Scenes in the Peninsula : a tale.
• London: A. K. Newman: 1831. 3 vols.. WorldCat

Bailey, H. C.

The Young Lovers.

Covers the battles of Fuentes d'Onoro, Salamanca and Vitoria. Bailey is best known for detective fiction, including the Reggie Fortune series

• New York: Dutton: 1929. vi, 312pp. WorldCat

Blackmore, R. D. 1825-1900

Alice Lorraine. A tale of the South Downs..

Originally published in Blackwood's magazine. Partially in Spain 1811-1814 including the battles of Cuidad Rodrigo and Badajoz.

• Londdon: S. Low, Marston, Low, & Searle: 1875. 3 vols.

Brereton, Captn. F. S.

With Wellington in Spain, a Story of the Peninsula.

Young adult fiction. Brereton was a prolific author of fiction for boys, modeled after G. A. Henty

• London: Blackie & Son: 1914. 384pp.

Brew, Margaret W.

The Burtons of Dunroe.
• London: S. Tinsley: 1880. 3 vols.

Campbell, K.M.

Honours of War.
• London: Allen and Unwin: 1981. 224pp . isbn: 0048231762 Amazon  

Capes, B. E. J.

A Castle in Spain : being certain memoirs, thus entitled, of Robin Lois, ex-major of His Majesty's 109th regiment of foot.

Capes was a prolific late Victorian author; lately some of his ghost stories have been reprinted.

• London: Smith, Elder: 1903. 342pp. WorldCat

Clews, Roy

The Drums of War.
• New York: St. Martin's Press: 1979. 313pp. isbn: 0312220227 Amazon  

Connell, F. N.

The Follies of Captain Daly.

WorldCat gives the author as Conal O'Riordan, an Irish Novelist and playwright, who used also used the pseudonym Norreys Connell.

• London: Richards: 1901. 356pp. WorldCat

Cornwell, Bernard

Sharpe's battle: Richard Sharpe and the Battle of Fuentes de Oñoro, May 1811.
• New York: HarperCollins: 1995. 304pp. isbn: 0060176776 Amazon   1st US edition..

Cornwell, Bernard

Sharpe's company. The siege of Badajoz.
• New York: Penguin Books: 2001. 280pp., paperback. isbn: 0140294325 Amazon  

Cornwell, Bernard

Sharpe's eagle. Richard Sharpe and the Talavera campaign July 1809.
• New York: Viking Press: 1981. 270pp. isbn: 0670639443 Amazon  

Cornwell, Bernard

Sharpe's Enemy. Richard Sharpe and the defense of Portugal, Christmas 1812.
• New York: Viking Press: 1984. 351pp. isbn: 0670639400 Amazon  
• New York: Penguin Books: 1987. 361pp, paperback. isbn: 0140104305 Amazon  

Cornwell, Bernard

Sharpe's gold. Richard Sharpe and the destruction of Almeida, August 1810.
• New York: Viking Press: 1982. 250pp.

Cornwell, Bernard

Sharpe's havoc.Richard Sharpe and the campaign in northern Portugal, spring 1809.
• New York: HarperCollins: 2003. isbn: 0060530464 Amazon  

Cornwell, Bernard

Sharpe's honor. Richard Sharpe and the Vitoria Campaign, February to June, 1813.
• New York: Viking Press: 1985. 320pp.. 1st American edition.
• New York: Penguin Books: 1994. 320pp. paperback. isbn: 0140145974 Amazon  

Cornwell, Bernard

Sharpe's revenge. Richard Sharpe and the peace of 1814.
• New York: Viking: 1989. 348pp. 1st American edition.

Cornwell, Bernard

Sharpe's rifles. Richard Sharpe and the French invasion of Galicia, January 1809.
• Nee York: Viking: 1988. 304pp. isbn: 0670822221 Amazon   1st American edition.

Cornwell, Bernard

Sharpe's siege.Richard Sharpe and the Winter Campaign, 1814.
• New York: Viking: 1987. 1st American edition.

Cornwell, Bernard

Sharpe's skirmish. Richard Sharpe and the defence of the Tormes, August 1812.
• Lowdham, Notts, U.K.: Sharpe Appreciation Society: 2002. 63pp. isbn: 0972222006 Amazon   Revised and extended edition.

Cornwell, Bernard

Sharpe's sword. Richard Sharpe and the Salamanca Campaign, June and July, 1812.
• New York: Penguin Books: 1994. 319pp., paperback. isbn: 0140243046 Amazon  

Crockett, S. R.

Strong Mac.

Samuel Rutherford Crocket was a Scottish novelist, a friend of R L Stevenson. It is included because the book is included in a short listing of fiction of the Peninsular War at Manchester Polytechnic Library. The only review I have seen made no mention of the setting.

• London: Ward Lock: 1904.

Dallas Alexander R. C.

Felix Alvarez, or, Manners in Spain.

Containing descriptive accounts of some of the prominent events of the late Peninsular War; and authentic anecdotes illustrative of the Spanish character; interspersed with poetry, original and from the Spanish - (from the title page)

• London: Baldwin, Cradock and Joy: 1818. 3 vols.

Delderfield, R. F. 1912-1972

Too few for drums.
• London: Hodder and Stoughton: 1964. 212pp.
• New York: Simon and Schuster: 1971. 253pp. isbn: 0671651951 Amazon  

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan

Exploits of Brigadier Gerard.

Short stories, some of which are set in the Peninsular


Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan

Adventures of Gerard.

• London: Murray: 1903.

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan

The Complete Napoleonic Stories.

The Gerard stories are often extremely funny.

• London: John Murray: 1956. xi, 665pp. WorldCat

Dymoke, Juliet

Cassie's captain.
• London: Piatkus: 1997. 264pp. isbn: 0749903767 Amazon  

Fenn, G. Manville 1831-1909

'Tention! : A story of boy-life during the Peninsular war.
• London: W. & R. Chambers: 1906. vi, 411, 488pp. illustrated by C.M. Sheldon.

Finnemore, J.

The Story of a Scout.

An entry from the Manchester Polytechnic Library's Peninsular War in Fiction list; most citations I see of Finnemore associate the author with books related to the boy scout movement.

• London: A. & C. Black: 1909. 333pp.
• Philadelphia: Lippincott: 1902. vii, 333pp.
• London: Pearson: 1903. 333pp. WorldCat

Forester, C. S. 1899-1966

Death to the French.
• London: John Lane: 1933.
• Boston: Little, Brown and Co: 1943. 340pp. American title: Rifleman Dodd. a novel of the Peninsular Campaign .
• Washington: Infantry Journal Special Edition: 1943. published as Rifleman Dodd. "This is a special edition made available to the members of the Armed Services only, through the cooperation of the Little, Brown & Company, the original publishers, The Readers Club, and the author".
• London: Michael Joseph: 1952. 200pp.
• London: Bodley Head: 1959. 187pp. Greenwich edition.

Forester, C. S

The Gun.
• London: The Bodley Head: 1932 (? 1935). First edition.
• Boston: Little, Brown: 1933.

Forestier, Marie

The Fort of San Lorenzo : a novel.

Translated from the French.

• London: Hodder and Stoughton: 1960. 187pp. Translated by Kathleen Betterton.

Fortescue J. W.

The drummer's coat.
• London: Macmillan and Co.: 1899. 184pp.

Galdos, Benito Perez

A Royalist Volunteer.
• Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen: 1993. Translated by Lila Wells Guzman.

Galdos, Benito Perez

Saragossa. A Story of Spanish Valor.

Originally Zaragoza

• Boston: Little Brown: 1899.

Gellis, Roberta

Fortune's Bride.

Romance genre

• New York: Dell: 1983. 395pp.

George, S. C.

A Soldier of the Line.
• Museum Press: 1956.

Gilson, Captain Charles.

The Spy: a Tale of the Peninsular War and the Storming of Badajoz, Founded Upon the Personal Memoirs of Sir Jeffery Jones, Bart. , of Heatherford Hall in Hampshire.

Young adult adventure novel

• London: Henry Frowde / Hodder and Stoughton: 1911. 379pp. WorldCat
• London: Oxford University Press: 1933.

Glasse, Francis

Ned Clinton, or, The commissary : comprising adventures and events during the Peninsular War, with curious and original anecdotes of military and other remarkable characters.
• London: Printed for W. Marsh: 1825. 3 vols.. WorldCat

Gleig, George Robert

The Subaltern.

Follows very closely the author's own experiences, and may as well have been classed with memoirs. Glieg was with the 85th foot.

• Edinburgh: William Blackwood: 1828. 372pp. Third Edition.
• London: J. M. Dent and sons, ltd / Everyman's Library : [1915?]. viii, 271 p. 17 cm.

Includes a list of Gleig's other writings, which are described, in a brief introduction, as "now waste paper"

• London: Leo Cooper: 2002. 208pp. isbn: 0850528305 Amazon   Edited by Ian Robertson.


A Boy of the Old Brigade. A story of the Peninsula and Waterloo campaigns.
• London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge: 1914. 224pp. WorldCat

Grant, James 1822-1887

Adventures of an Aide-de-Camp.
• London: Smith, Elder: 1848. 3 vols.
• London: Routledge: 1851. iv,251pp. Complete edition. (?).
• London: Collins: ca. 1900. There are a number of reprints from various publishers around 1900.

Grant, James

The King's own borderers : a military romance.
25th foot
• London: George Routledge: 1865. 3 vols.

Grant, James 1822-1887

The romance of war: or, The Highlanders in Spain.

Grant produced more than 50 novels

• London: Henry Colburn: 1846. 4 vols. First edition.
• London: Routledge: 1854. 492pp.
• London: Collins: ca. 1900. There are a number of reprints from various publishers around 1900.

Grier, Sidney C

A Young Man Married,.

An English officer's marriage to a Spanish girl; begins the day after the storming of Badajoz.


Hamilton, Thomas

The Youth and Manhood of Cyril Thornton.

Hamilton fought in the Peninsula War and was wounded at the Battle of Albuera. This novel contains section set in the War

• Edinburgh: W. Blackwood: 1827. 3 vols. WorldCat There were a number of American editions within the year..
• Aberdeen: Association for Scottish Literary Studies: 1990. isbn: 9780948877117 Amazon   Publisher Site

Hamley, W. G.

Treseaden Hall.
• Edinburgh: Blackwood: 1882. vii, 471pp.. WorldCat

Hardman, Frederick



• William Blackwood: 1900. vi, 258pp.

Henty, G. A.

Under Wellington's command : a tale of the Peninsular War.
• London: Blackie & Son: 1899. 383pp, 12 plates. Illustrated by Walter Paget.

Henty, G. A.

With Moore at Corunna.
• London: Blackie & Son: 1898. 384pp. Illustrated by Walter Paget.

Henty, G. A.

The young buglers : a tale of the Peninsular War.
• London: Latimer House: 1954. 255pp.
• New York: A. L. Burt: 189?. 408pp.

Heyer, Georgette

The Spanish Bride.

Based upon the famous (and true) story of Harry and Juana Smith at Badajos

•. London: Heinemann: 1940. 390pp. First edition.
• New York: Doubleday Doran: 1940. First American edition>.

Johnstone, C. I.

Clan-Albin: a national tale .

It beings : "In a dark and stormy night", so thats not original with Bulwer-Lytton. Libraries have assigned it a subject heading for the peninsula war, which is why it is included here.

• London: , Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, & Brown; [etc.] : 1815. 4 vols.

Lacy, Mrs Bianchi

Weep Not, Dirge to the Memory of Captn. Charles Wm. Thompson, of the 1st Guards, killed at Bidart 12th Decr. 1813.


1st Guards
• London: Goulding: 1814. 4pp.

Lever, Charles James, 1806-1872

Charles O'Malley, the Irish dragoon.

It takes 300 pages just to get to the Peninsular, and Lever was famous for story telling that did not exactly advance the plot. Never the less when not telling stories about life back in Ireland or at various military postings, the descriptions of life in the dragoons is quite good - and the stores are often quite funny. This was a best seller, and there are many editions.

• Dublin: William Curry, Jr.: 1841. 2 vols.
• London: Ward, Lock: [1881]. xii, 604pp.

Lever, Charles James, 1806-1872

Tom Burke of Ours.

Llanos Gutiérrez, Valentín

Don Esteban : or, Memoirs of a Spaniard / written by himself.
• London: Henry Colburn: 1825. 3 vols.

Lucas, F. L.

The English Agent, a tale of the Peninsular War..

F. L. Lucas had a long and distinguished career as a professor at Cambridge University, author of numerous books of criticism ranging from Aristotle to the moderns, as well as volumes of poetry, plays and novels; he was also an intelligence officer in the British army in WW I, but I do not imagine his experience in that war was much like the experience of the main character in this novel. The English Agent, published posthumously, is the first person narrative of an English officer who lands at Gibraltar in 1808, and makes his way overland via the Battle of Bailen, Toledo, Mardrid, Astorga and Torres Vedras, joining up with the British army just as Sir Harry Burrard takes over command of the army from Sir Arthur Wellesley. At Baillen the narrator rescues the widow of a French officer from being auctioned off with other spoils of war; the main narrative becomes their adventures as he attempts to restore her to safety with her countrymen, a bittersweet goal since it is the only hope for her safety, but they find themselves falling in love. The background is a very well-informed picture of the beginnings of Spanish guerilla activity at the start of the Peninsular war.

• London: Cassell: [1969]. 217pp.

Luke, Peter

The other side of the hill : a novel of the Peninsular War.

Based upon Sir Harry Smith, and populated with many of the memoirists of the time. Even Charles O'Malley makes a cameo appearance.

Luke is also a playwright; his play Hadrian VII had 359 performances at the Helen Hayes Theatre on Broadway in 1969.

• London: Gollancz: 1984. 250pp. isbn: 0575034904 Amazon  

Malling, Mathilda

Dona Ysabel.

A novel of the Peninsular War 1808-1810, includes Massena, Ney,etc.


Maxwell, W. H.

The Bivouac, or Stories of the Peninsular War.

Fairly low grade popular fiction

• London: R. Bentley: 1837. 3 vols.
• London: George Routledge & Sons, Limited: 1857. 376pp.
• London: George Routledge & Sons, Limited: 1893. 153pp.

This edition printed in two columns, tiny print

Millingen, J.G.

Stories of Torres Vedras, by the author of "Adventures of an Irish gentleman.".
• London: Richard Bentley: 1839. 3 vols.

Mockler-Ferryman, A. F.

Lads of the Light Division: A Tale of the Peninsular War.

battle of Talavera, lines of Torres Vedras, storming of Cuidad Rodrigo, Badajos, etc.

• 1909.

Nugent, George Nugent Grenville, Baron

Portugal. : a poem. In two parts.

Battle of Bussaco

• London: Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown: 1812. viii, 113pp. WorldCat

Oman, Carola

Major Grant.

The author was the daughter of Charles Oman

• London: Hodder and Stoughton:
• New York: Henry Holt: 1932. 352pp.

Parry, D. H.

Sabre and Spurs! A Tale of the Peninsular War.
• London: Cassell: 1926.

Perutz, Leo (1882-1957)

The Marquis de Bolibar.

Perutz was admired by writers such as Jorge Luis Borges and Italo Calvino.

• London: John Lane: 1926. 306pp. Translated by Graham Stanhope Rawson.
• London: Collins Harvill: 1990. ix, 182pp. isbn: 0002710951 Amazon   Translated by John Brownjohn.

Quiller-Couch, A. T.

The Adventures of Harry Revel.
• London: Cassell: 1903.

Quiller-Couch. Sir A. T.

The Laird's Luck; and other Fireside Tales .

Short stories, some of which are set during the Peninsular War. See "The Two Scouts"

• 1901.

Quiller-Couch. Sir A. T.

Corporal Sam; and other stories.

Short stories, some set in the Peninsular War. Corporal Sam is the story of a soldier carried away by his human feelings during the horrors of the storming of San Sebastian.

• London: Smith, Elder: 1910. 291pp. WorldCat

Rae, John

Stanley Gordon : a historical tale of the Peninsular war and Waterloo with exciting incidents among brigands in the Cantabrian mountains of Spain.
• London and Melbourne: Walter Scott and Hutchinson: 1889. iv, 396pp. WorldCat

Rathbone, Julian

Joseph : the life of Joseph Bosham, self-styled 3rd Viscount of Bosham, covering the years from 1790 to 1813.

Shortlisted for the Booker Prize.

• London: Michael Joseph: 1979. 480pp. isbn: 0718117042 Amazon  
• London: Abacus: 1999. 651pp, softcover. isbn: 0349112274 Amazon  

Redmayne, John

Redcoat Spy.

Juvenile fiction

• Macdonald & Co: 1964.

Roberts, David

The Military Adventures of Johnny Newcome, with an account of his Campaigns on the Peninsula and in Pall Mall.


• London: Patrick Martin: 1815. includes color plates by Rowlandson.
• London: Methuen & Co.: 1904.

Sabatini, Rafael

The Snare.

Portugal in 1810

• London: Hutchinson: 1917.

Sherer, Moyle

Tales of the wars of our times.
• London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green: 1829. 2 vols..

Strang, Herbert

The Light brigade in Spain; or, The last fight of Sir John Moore.

Strang was the pseudonom of George Herbert Ely and C. J. L'Estrange

• New York: G. P. Putnam's sons: 1904. 416pp. preface by Lieut.-Col. Willoughby Verner.
• London: Blackie and Son: 1905. 416pp.

Published under the title: Boys of the Light Brigade: a story of Spain and of the Peninsular War

preface by Lieut.-Col. Willoughby Verner.

Telesforo de Trueba y Cosío, Joaquin

Salvador, The Guerilla.
• London: R Bentley: 1834. 3 vols.. WorldCat

Turner, Harry

Against All Hazards - Poems of the Peninsular War.
• Shrewsbury: Spellmount, Limited Publishers: 2001. 115pp.

Vigars, Norman

Gone for a soldier.
• Devon: Peninsular: 1999. 236pp. isbn: 0953428303 Amazon  

Watson, H. B. M.

Alarums and Excursions.

Short stories, see "Captain Sword"

• London: Methuen: 1903.

Welch, Ronald C.

Captain of Foot.
• London: Oxford University Press: 1959. 232pp.

Woods, Margaret L.

The King's Revoke: an episode in the life of Patrick Dillon.

An Irishman attempts to rescue Ferdinand VII at Valencay.

• 1905.

Woods, Margaret L.

Sons of the sword. a romance of the Peninsular War.

Adventures of an Irish girl in Madrid and elsewhere in Spain during the Peninsular War

• London: William Heinemann: 1901. vi, 392pp.
• New York: McClure, Phillips & co: 1901. vi, 393pp.

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