A List of Books Relating to the Peninsular War in Spain

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A History of the campaigns of the British forces in Spain and Portugal, undertaken to relieve those countries from the French usurpation; comprehending memoirs of the operations of this interesting war, characteristic reports of the Spanish and Portuguese troops, and illustrative anecdotes of distinguished military conduct in individuals, whatever their rank in the Army.

I have seen reproductions of volumes 3 & 4; volume 4 covers though the Battle of Talavera, so 1809. The volumes are substantial.

• London: T Goddard: 1812-1814. 5 vols. WorldCat

Abbot, Charles

Speeches of the Right Hon Charles Abbot (Lord Colchester) in communicating Thanks of the House of Commons to military commanders, 1807-1816: with a biographical memoir and appendix..

An appendix reprints reports from the London Gazette reporting on peninsular war victories. Abbot was speaker of the House of Commons.

• London: Hansard: 1829. iv,299.

Alexander, Don

Rod of Iron: French Counterinsurgency Policy in Aaragon During the Peninsular War.
• Wilmington: Scholarly Resources: 1985. xx, 260pp. isbn: 084202218X Amazon   WorldCat

Anderson, J.

Spanish Campaigns of Sir John Moore.
• London: H Rees: 1905. 65pp. WorldCat
• London: R.J. Leach and Co: 1990. 58pp. isbn: 1873050011 Amazon  

Anderson, J. H.

Precis of the Great Campaigns 1796-1815.

Spills over to War of 1812, Waterloo, etc

• London: Hugh Rees: 1907. 142pp, maps.

Anglesey, George Charles Henry Victor Paget, 7th marquis of

One-Leg: The Life and Letters of Henry William Paget, First Marquess ofAnglesey, K. G., 1768-1854.

In 1809, Paget eloped with Lady Charlotte Cadogan, the wife of Lord Henry Wellesley and daughter of Charles Cadogan, 1st Earl Cadogan and Mary Churchill. Henry Wellesley was the brother of Arthur Wellesley.

• London: J. Cape: 1961. 428pp. WorldCat
• New York: Morrow: [1961]. 428pp.
• London: Leo Cooper: 1996. 428pp. isbn: 1473816890 Amazon   WorldCat
• also: Reprint Society; Leo Cooper .

Beamish, N.. Ludlow

History of the King's German Legion.

According on at least one catalog entry this is compiled largely from eye-witness accounts of soldiers who served in the Peninsular War

King's German Legion
• London: Thomas and William Boone: 1832, 1837. xxxi, 387pp; xxvii, 671pp. WorldCat
• Naval & Military Press: 1997 . 1058pp. WorldCat hardcover.
• Naval & Military Press: 2002 . 1058pp. softcover.

Bell, Douglas

Napolleon's Officers.
• London: Collins: 1938. 295pp.

Bell, Douglas

Wellington's Officers.
• London: Collins: 1938. 295pp.

Blanco, Richard L.

Wellington's Surgeon General: Sir James McGrigor.
• Wilmington: Duke University Press: 1974. 227pp. isbn: 0822303183 Amazon   WorldCat

Bonaparte, Napoleon

The Confidential Correspondence Of Napoleon Bonaparte With His Brother Joseph, Sometime King of Spain. Selected and Translated, with Explanatory Notes, from the 'Memoirs du Roi Joseph.' .
• London: John Murray: 1855. 2 vols (1) x, 390pp, (2) vi, 382pp.

Bradford, George Augustus

Letters from Portugal, Spain, Sicily, and Malta in 1812, 1813, and 1814.
• London: privately printed at the Chiswick Press: 1875. 248pp.

Bradford, William

Sketches Of The Country, Character And Costume Of Spain And Portugal Made During The Campaign, And On The Route Of The British Army In 1808 And 1809. Including Sketches of Military Costume in Spain and Portugal intended as a supplement to the Rev. Mr Bradford's Sketches..
• London: John Booth: 1809. 41 topographical and figure plates. other editions: 1823 .

Brett-James, Anthony

General Graham, Lord Lynedoch.
• New York: St. Martin's Press: 1959. xv, 368pp. WorldCat

Brett-James, Anthony

Wellington At War 1794-1815. A Selection of His War-time Letters.
• London: Macmillan: 1961.

Brett-James, Antony

Life in Wellington's Army.
• London: Allen & Unwin: 1972. isbn: Amazon  
• London: Tom Donovan: 1994. 358pp. isbn: 1871085268 Amazon  

Brown, Steve

Wellington's Redjackets. The 45th (Nottinghamshire) Regiment on Campaign in South America and the Peninsula, 1805–14.
• Frontline Books: 2015. 290pp.

Bryant, Arthur

Years of Victory 1802 - 1812.
• London: Collins: 1944. 512pp.

Burnham, Robert;McGuigan, Ron; Muir, Rory; Muir, Howie

Inside Wellington's Peninsular Army: 1808- 1814.
• Pen & Sword Military: 2014. 328pp. isbn: 9781473827615 Amazon  

Burnham, Robert and McGuigan, Ron

Wellington's Brigade Commanders; Peninsula & Waterloo.
• Pen & Sword Military: 2017. 322pp. isbn: 9781473850798 Amazon  

Butler, Lewis William George

Wellington's Operations in the Peninsula.
• London: Unwin: 1904. 2 vols, continuous pagination: 418 pp, xi, [419]-840pp. WorldCat

Chartrand, Rene

Portuguese Army in Napoleon's War.
• Oxford: Osprey: 2001. 48pp. Men at Arms No. 358 isbn: 1855327678 Amazon  


Attack The Colour! The Royal Dragoons In The Peninsula And At Waterloo.
• London: Research Publishing Co: 1975. 158pp. isbn: 0705000206 Amazon  

Clerc, Joseph Charles Auguste, 1840-

Guerre d'Espagne. Capitulation de Baylen, causes et consequences. D'apres les archives espagnoles et les archives francaises de la guerre, nationales et des affaires etrangeres, avec deux cartes, par le Lt.-colonel Clerc..
• Paris: A. Fontemoing: 1903. 2 p. l., 404 p. 2 fold. maps, tab..

Clinton, Henry, Sir

A few remarks, explanatory of the motives which guided the operations of the British army, during the late short campaign in Spain.

Clinton was Sir John Moore's adjutant general during the campaigns of 1808-1809.

• London: T. Egerton: 1810. 30pp.

Clinton, H.R.

The War In The Peninsula, And Wellington's Campaigns In France And Belgium.
• London: Frederick Warne & Co.: 1878. xv, 471pp. The Chandos Library WorldCat

Cole, John William

Memoirs of British generals distinguished during the peninsular war.

Sir John Moore. Sir David Baird. Marquess of Anglesea. Sir Edward Paget. Lord Beresford. Major-General Robert Craufurd. Sir G. Lowry Cole. Sir Thomas Picton. Lord Lyndedoch. Earl of Hopetoun. Lord Hill. Major-General Le Marchant. Major-General Ross. Sir Edward Pakenham.

• London: Richard Bentley: 1856. 2 vols. WorldCat

Colville, John

Portrait Of A General - A Chronicle of the Napoleonic Wars.

Biography of General Sir Charles Colville

• London: Michael Russell: 1980. 246pp.

Crauford, Alexander

General Crauford and His Light Division.
• Ken Trotman: 1977. 312pp. isbn: 0946879265 Amazon  

Crumplin, M K H

Guthrie's war : a surgeon of the Peninsula and Waterloo.
• Barnsley, South Yorkshire: Pen & Sword Military: 2010. x, 194pp. isbn: 1848842457 Amazon   WorldCat foreword by Sir Bernard Ribeiro, past-president of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

Davies, Geoffrey

Wellington and His Army.
• Oxford University Press: 1954. 154pp.

Day, Roger

The Life Of Sir John Moore: Not A Drum Was Heard.
• Barnsley: Cooper: 2001. 224pp. WorldCat isbn: 0850528011 Amazon  
• Havertown: Pen and Sword: 2008. 224pp. WorldCat isbn: 0850528011 Amazon  

D'Urban, Benjamin, Sr.

Further strictures on those parts of Col. Napier's History of the Peninsular War : which relate to the military opinions and conduct of General Lord Viscount Beresford ... to which is added a Report of the operations in the Alemtejo and Spanish Estremadura during the campaign of 1811 by M. General Sir Benjamin D'Urban..
• London: Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green & Longman: 1832. xi, 194, 54pp. WorldCat

Ellicott, Dorothy

Bastion Against Aggression., How Gibraltar Helped Spain During The Peninsular War.
• Gibraltar Society: 1968. 47pp.

Esdaile, Charles J

The Duke of Wellington and the command of the Spanish army, 1812-14.
• Houndmills: Macmillan: 1990. xiv, 237pp. isbn: 0333446941 Amazon  

Esdaile, Charles

The Peninsular War. A New History.

This new history is getting quite a bit of favorable notice.

• Hammondsworth: Penguin: 2002. xxxii,587pp. isbn: 0713992395 Amazon  

Esdaile, Charles

The Spanish army in the Peninsular War.
• Manchester: Manchester University Press: 1988. xii, 232pp. isbn: 0719025389 Amazon  

Fitchett, W. H.

How England saved Europe; the story of the great war (1793-1815).
• London: Smith Elder & Co: 1899-1900. 4 vols.

Fletcher, Ian

Crauford's Light Division.The Life of Robert Crauford and his Command of the Light of the Light Division..
• Tunbridge Wells: Spellmount: 1991. 240pp. isbn: 0946771014 Amazon   WorldCat

Fletcher, Ian

Fields Of Fire Battlefields Of The Peninsular War.
• Staplehurst: Spellmount: 1994. 176pp. isbn: 1873376162 Amazon   WorldCat

Fletcher, Ian

Galloping At Everything: The British Cavalry In The Peninsular War And At Waterloo, A Reappraisal..
• Staplehurst: Spellmount: 1999. xviii, 302pp. isbn: 1862270163 Amazon   WorldCat
• Mechanicsburg: Stackpole: 2001. xviii, 302pp. isbn: 0811707032 Amazon  

Fletcher, Ian and Ron Poulter

Gentlemen's Sons.

On the foot guards

• Tunbridge Wells: Spellmount: 1992. isbn: 173376006 Amazon  

Fletcher, Ian [editor]

The Peninsular War: Aspects Of The Struggle For The Iberian Peninsula.

Essays from various hands

• Spellmount: 1998. isbn: 1873376820 Amazon  

Fletcher, Ian

Wellingtons Regiments the Men and Their Battles 1808-1815.
• London: 1994. 186pp. isbn: 1862274223 Amazon  

Foy, Maximillian

History of the war in the peninsula, under Napoleon; to which is prefixed a view of the political and military state of the four belligerent powers.

1807-1808 only

• London: Treuttel & Wurtz, Treuttel, jun. and Richter: 1827. 2 vols.

Foy, General Maximillian

Junot's Invasion of Portugal.
• Worley: 2000. 189pp. isbn: 1869804538 Amazon  

Fortescue, J. W.

A History of the British Army.

This of course is far wider in scope than simply the Peninsula War. It does have significant coverage of that war, and since full text is now available on line it seems useful to include it here. Volume VI: 1808-1809 (ending with Battle of Coruna); Volume VII: 1809-1810; Volume VIII: 1811-1812; Volume IX: 1813-1814; throughout the Peninsula is just one part of the overall history.

• London: Macmillan : 1902 (and subsequent). 13 vol in 14.
• Naval & Military Press: 2004. 14 vols + 6 map volumes. Publisher Site

Foy, Maximilien, comte, 1775-1825

Histoire de la guerre de la Peninsule, sous Napoleon, precedee d'un tableau politique et militaire des puissances belligerantes. Publiee par Mme la comtesse Foy.

Covers peiod 1807-1808 only

• 4 v. facsims., table. 23 cm. and atlas (port, 6 maps (part fold.)).

Fraser, Sir Hugh

Words on Wellington: The Duke - Waterloo - The Ball.
• London: Nimmo: 1890.

Fraser, Ronald

Napoleon's cursed war : Spanish popular resistance in the Peninsular War, 1808-1814.
• London: Verso: 2008. xxxviii, 587pp. isbn: 1844670821 Amazon  

Fremont-Barnes, Gregory

Napoleonic Wars 3: The Peninsular War 1807-1814.
• Osprey: 2002. 95pp. isbn: 1472895479 Amazon  

Fryer, Mary Beacock

"Our young soldier" : Lieutenant Francis Simcoe, 6 June 1791-6 April 1812.

Killed at Badajoz

• Toronto: Dundurn Press: 1996. 189pp. isbn: 1550022709 Amazon  

Gates, David

The Spanish ulcer: a history of the Peninsular War.
• London: Allen & Unwin: 1986. xiv, 557pp.
• New York: Norton: [c.1986]. xiv, 557 p. : ill.
• New York: Da Capo Press: 557 pp., softcover.

Glover, Michael, 1922-1995

Legacy Of Glory, The Bonaparte Kingdom of Spain 1808-1813.
• New York: Charles Scribner's Sons: [c.1971]. 353pp.

Glover, Michael, 1922-1995

The Peninsular War 1807-1814. A Concise Military History.
• London: David & Charles: 1974. 432pp. isbn: 0141390417 Amazon   WorldCat Classic Military History

Glover, Michael, 1922-1995

Wellington's army in the Peninsula, 1808-1814.
• Newton Abbot: David and Charles: 1977. isbn: 0715373692 Amazon  
• New York: Hippocrene Books: [c.1977]. 192 p. : ill..

Goodspeed, Captain D. J.

The British Campaigns In The Peninsula 1808-1814.
• Ottawa: Directorate of Military Training: 1958. 228pp.

Graham, John Murray

Memoir of General Lord Lynedoch.

Compiled from family papers

• Edinburgh: Blackwood: 1868. WorldCat There was a second edition with editions in 1877.

Griffith, Paddy [editor]

Modern Studies of the War in Spain and Portugal , 1808-1814.
• London: Greenhill: 1999. 475pp. isbn: 185367348X Amazon  

Gurney, W B

Trial of Colonel Quentin of the Tenth or Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Hussars, by a general court martial, held at Whitehall, on Monday the 17th of October 1814.
• London: Gale, Curtand Fenner : 1814. vii, 272pp.

Gusick, Ray

Wellington's Rifles. The Origins, Development and Battles of the Rifle Regiments in the Peninsular War and at Waterloo from 1758 to 1815.
• Pen & Sword Military: 2013. 192pp. isbn: 9781781592878 Amazon  

Hall, John A

A History of the Peninsular War. Volume VIII. The Biographical Dictionary of British Officers Killed and Wounded, 1808-1814.

Published nearly uniformly with Greenhill's edition of Oman's History, except green rather than the latter's red

• London: Greenhill: 1998. 640pp. isbn: 1853673153 Amazon  

Halliday, Andrew

The present state of Portugal, and of the Portuguese army : with an epitome of the ancient history of that kingdom.
• Edinburgh: G. R. Clarke: 1812. xii, 439pp.

Hamilton, Thomas, 1789-1842

Annals of the peninsular campaigns: from MDCCCVIII to MDCCCXIV.
• Edinburgh / London: W. Blackwood / T. Cadell: 1829. 3 v. fold. map, plans.
• London: William Blackwood: 1849. xxxiv, 650pp. Revised ans augmented by Frederick Hardman.

Hulbert, Charles

Memoirs of Lieutenant-General Lord Hill, K.B., &c. &c., accompanied with biographical sketches of his gallant brothers : the Duke of Wellington, Sir Thomas Picton, Lord Combermere, Sir John Moore, Lord Lyndoch, Sir Ralph Abercrombie, &c.; interspersed wit h historical facts and anecdotes, never before published.
• Shrewsbury: Printed and published by C. Hulbert: 1816. 44pp. WorldCat

Humble, Richard

Napoleon's Peninsular Marshals.
• London: Macdonald: 1974. 228pp. isbn: 0356045692 Amazon   WorldCat

Hunter, Archie

Wellington's scapegoat : the tragedy of Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Bevan.
• Barnsley: Leo Cooper: 2003. xii, 212pp. isbn: 1844150291 Amazon  

International Congress on the Iberian Peninsula.

New Lights On The Peninsular War: Selected Papers 1780-1840.
• Almeida, Portugal: British Historical Society of Portugal: 1991. 368pp. Edited by Alice D. Berkeley.

James, Charles

The regimental companion : containing the pay, allowances and relative duties of every officer in the British service.
• T Egerton: 1811. This is the 7th edition..

Johnston, Alexander Keith

A series of maps illustrative of the campaigns in the Peninsula.
• Edinburgh: Blackwood: 1849. 24 double plates.

Kipling, Arthur and Lieut.-Col. Frank Wilson

Uniforms of the Peninsular War.
• London: Charles Knight: 1972. isbn: 0853140987 Amazon  

Lachouque, Commandant Henry; Jean Tranie; J-C Carmignani.

Napoleon's War In Spain - The French Peninsular Campaigns, 1807 - 1814.

Translated from the French

• London: 1982: Arms & Armour Press. 191pp. isbn: 0853685061 Amazon  

Landmann, Lt.-Col. George Thomas

Historical, Military, and Picturesque Observations on Portugal, illustrated by seventy-five coloured plates, including authentic plans of the sieges and battles fought in the Peninsula during the late war . . ..

76 plates, mostly colored, about a dozen related to the war

• London: T. Cadell and W. Davies: 1818. 2 volumes.

Leslie, Maj. J.

The Services Of The Royal Regiment Of Artillery In The Peninsular War 1808 To 1811.
• London: Hugh Rees: 1908-1912. WorldCat
• Ken Trotman: 2003. 108pp.

Lipscombe, Nick

The Peninsular War atlas.
• Oxford: Osprey: 2010. isbn: 1849083649 Amazon   WorldCat
• Oxford: Osprey: 2014. 384pp. isbn: 1472809300 Amazon   WorldCat

Londonderry, (Charles William Vane) Marquis of

Narrative of the Peninsular War from 1808 to 1813.
• London: Colburn: 1828. xvi, 648pp. 2nd edition.

Londonderry,(Charles William Vane) Marquis of

Story Of The Peninsular War.

With a continuation by G. R. Glieg

• J. Blackwood: 1857.
• Kent: R. J. Leach: 1994. xii,324pp. facsimile. isbn: 1873050151 Amazon  

McGrigor, Mary

Wellington's spies.
• Barnsley: Leo Cooper: 2005. xvi, 272pp. isbn: 1844153282 Amazon  

Marshall-Cornwall, James

Marshal Massena.
• Oxford University Press: 1967. 319pp.

Muir, Rory

Britain And The Defeat Of Napoleon, 1807-1815.
• Yale University Press: 1996. 480pp. 16 illus.. isbn: 0300064438 Amazon  

Napier, Sir William, Lieutenant-General

English Battles and Sieges in the Peninsula.

Extacted from his large history

• London: John Murray: 1869. 469pp. New Edition.

Napier, William F. P., Sir, Major-General, K.C.B.

History of the War in the Peninsula and the South of France From the Year 1807 to the Year 1814.

The definitive history of the peninsula campaign until the appearance of Oman's history. Napier served through much of the peninsula campaign (see his entry in the DNB). He was an excellent writer, the descriptions of battles and sieges are vivid. He was opposed to guerilla warfare on principal, and strongly disliked the Spanish and Portugese governments; at the same time he was an admirer of Napoleon, an interesting and not uncommon position for an English officer of the time.

Napier had access to many original sources including papers that Wellington leant him, and each volume ends with fairly extensive quotations from original documents, generally to back up some potentially controversial position he has taken. He seemed to have been by temperament a controversialist, and as the volumes appeared over a number of years he occasionally would reply to criticisms of an earlier volume in a subsequent.

This was published before international copyright, so a variety of American editions were produced. One published Oxford Ohio in 1835 is available in full text from the Hathi Trust at hdl.handle.net/2027/pst.000002540047. It has an interesting and anonymous introduction, with a contemporary assessment of Southey and other writers of Peninsula War history.

• London: John Murray (vol 1), T & W Boone (vol 2 - 6): 1828-1840 6 volumes. First editions. The sales of the initial volume were disappointing, so Napier took on responsibility for the rest of the volumes himself, passing the imprint to Boone.
• London and New York: Frederick Warne and Co.: 1886. 6 volumes. With 55 maps and plans. Cavendish edition.
• London: The Folio Society: 1973. 1 volume abridgement. Edited by Brian Connell.
• London: Constable: ca 1993. 6 columes.
• Chicago: University of Chicago Press: 1979. lxiii, 502pp. isbn: 0226568083 Amazon   abridged and with an introduction by Charles Stuart.

Nettleship, Andrew

That astonishing infantry! : a history of the 7th Foot (Royal Fusiliers) in the Peninsular War 1809-1814 .
7th foot
• Sheffield: A. Nettleship: 1989. 159pp.

Newitt, M. D. D.

Lord Beresford and British intervention in Portugal, 1807-1820 .
• Lisboa, Portugal: Impr. de Ciências Sociais: 2004. 160pp. isbn: 9726711223 Amazon  

North, Rene

Soldiers of the Peninsula War.
• London: Almark: 1972. 68pp.

Northcott, Walter W

A Short Sketch Of The Peninsular War, Intended Chiefly For The Use Of Candidates For The Military Examinations..
• London: 188. 90pp.

O'Byrne, Robert

The Victories Of The British Army. In The Peninsular And The South Of France From 1808 To 1814.

"An Epitome in One Volume of Napier's History of the Peninsular war and Gurwood's Collection of the duke of Wellington's Despatches"

• London: Chapman and Hall: 1889. vi, 335pp.

Oman, Charles William Chadwick, Sir, 1860-1946

A History of the peninsular war.

After 100 years still the standard (long) history of the peninsular war. Note Napier uses Peninsula, Oman Peninsular.

• Oxford: Clarendon Press: 1902-1930. 7 vols. fronts., plates, ports., maps (part fold.) plans (part fold.).
• London: Greenhill: 1995. 7 vols.
• London: Greenhill: 2004. Softcover.

Parkinson, Roger

The Peninsular War.
• London: Hart-Davis, MacGibbon: 1973. 208pp.

Paget, Julian

Wellington's Peninsular War. Battles and Battlefields.
• London: Leo Cooper: 1990. 285pp.
• London: Leo Cooper: 1996. 284pp. isbn: 0850526035 Amazon   Second edition.

Partridge, Richard and Michael Oliver

Battle Studies In The Peninsula. May 1808 - January 1809..
• London: Constable: 1998. 284pp. isbn: 0094776202 Amazon  

Phillippart, John.

The royal military calendar, containing the services of every general officer in the British Army, from the date of their first commission, with an appendix, containing an account of the operations of the army on the eastern coast of Spain in 1812-13.

This also includes the American Revolution, activities in India.

• London: Printed by A. J. Valpy; sold by Egerton: 1815. 3 vols.

Rathbone, Julian

Wellington's war, or, 'Atty, the long-nosed bugger that licks the French' : Peninsular dispatches.
• London: M Joseph: 1984. xii, 340pp. isbn: 0718123964 Amazon  

Read, Ian

War in the Peninsula.
• London: Faber: 1977. 256 p., [4] leaves of plates : ill.

Richards, D. S.

The Peninsula Years : Britain's Redcoats in Spain and Portugal..
• Barnsley: Pen & Sword: 2002. isbn: 1783400471 Amazon  

Robertson, Ian

An atlas of the Peninsular War 1808-1814.

Cartography by Martin Brown.

• New Haven: Yale University Press: 2010. xiv, 144pp. isbn: 0300148690 Amazon   WorldCat

Robertson, Ian C,

Wellington at War in the Peninsula 1808-1814 : An Overview and Guide.
• Pen & Sword Books / Leo Cooper: 2002. Also in paperback, isbn 085052735X. isbn: 0850526604 Amazon  
• Pen & Sword Books / Leo Cooper: 2002. paperback. isbn: 085052735X Amazon  

Sarrazin, General

History Of The War In Spain And Portugal From 1807 To 1814.
• Henry Colburn: 1815. xvi,376pp. WorldCat
• Philadephia: E Edward: 1815. xi, 271pp.
• Ken Trotman: 1999. 375pp. isbn: 0946879656 Amazon  

Shand, Alexander Innes

The war in the Peninsula, 1808-1814.
• London: Seeley: 1898. xi, 316pp.

Sidney, E

The Life of Lord Hill, GCB, late Commander of the Forces.
• London: Murray: 1845. xv, 395pp.

Southey, Robert

Campaigns of Arthur, Duke of Wellington, etc. etc..
• London: Printed for the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge: 1840. 177pp.

Southey, Robert

History of the Peninsular war.
• London: J Murray : 1828-1837. 6 vols.

Thompson, Mark S., Dr

Wellington's Engineers. Military Engineering in the Peninsular War 1808 - 1814.
• Pen & Sword Military: 2015. 276pp. isbn: 9781783463633 Amazon  

Thoumine, R. H.

Scientific Soldier: A Life of General Le Marchant 1766-1812.
• Oxford University Press: 1968. 212pp. WorldCat

Tranie, J and J.-C. Carmigniani

Napoleon's war in Spain : the French peninsular campaigns, 1807-1814.

From the notes and manuscripts of Henry Lachouque

• London: Arms and Armour Press: 1982. 191pp. with original illustrations by Louis de Beaufort ; translated by Janet S. Mallender and John R. Clements ; foreword by David G. Chandler. isbn: 0853685061 Amazon  
• 1993. translated by J. Tranie & J.-C. Carmigniani.

Uffindell, Andrew

The National Army Museum Book of Wellington's Armies : Britain's Triumphant Campaigns in the Peninsula and at Waterloo, 1808-15.
• London : Pan Macmillan: 2004. isbn: 0283073489 Amazon  

Urban, Mark

Rifles: Six Years with Wellington's Elite.

History of the 95th Rifle brigade from 1809 to 1815

• London : Faber amp; Faber: 2003. 351pp. isbn: 0571216803 Amazon  

Urban, Mark

The Man Who Broke Napoleon's Code.
• New York: HarperCollins: 2002. isbn: 006018891X Amazon  

Walton, W.

The Revolutions of Spain, from 1808 to the End of 1836. With Biographical Sketches of the Most Distinguished Personages, and a Narrative of the War in the Peninsula down to the Present Time, from the Most Authentic Sources..
• London: R Bentley: 1837. 2 volumes.

Weller, Jac

Wellington in the Peninsula.

This history concentrates exclusively on the English military campaigns, bypassing the political situation and giving only passing notice to exclusivly Spanish battles. Weller is a very good writer and this book is recommended. Anyone who has read the longer histories by Napier or Oman will find this extremely brisk going.

• London: Nicholas Vane : 1962. xviii, 395pp. First edition.
• New York: A. S. Barnes : 1963. xviii, 395pp. First American edition.
• London: Greenhill : 1992. isbn: 1853671274 Amazon  
• London: Greenhill : 1999. 400pp. isbn: 1853673811 Amazon  
• Frontline Books: 2012. 394pp. isbn: 9781848326538 Amazon  

Welling, Arthur Wellesley, Duke of, 1769-1852

The dispatches of Field Marshall the Duke of Wellington, K.G. during his various campaigns in India, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, the Low Countries, and France. From 1799 to 1818. Compiled from official and authentic documents. .

See Oman, Wellington's Army, for a good discussion of these and the supplementary despatches

• London: J. Murray: 1834-1839. 13 vols. Edited by John Gurwood.

Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, Duke of, 1769-1852

Selections from the dispatches and general orders of Field Marshall the Duke of Wellington. .

• London: J. Murray: 1842. xliv, 939. Edited by John Gurwood.

Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, Duke of, 1769-1852

Supplementary despatches and memoranda of Field Marshal Arthur, duke of Wellington, K. G. Ed. by his son, the Duke of Wellington.

Edited by the second Duke of Wellington. Oman provides a good description of the superiority of these over the original volumes in "Wellington's Army". Volumes covering the period of the Peninsula War are: volume 6: 1807-1810; volume 7: 1810-1813; volume 8: 1813-1814; volume 9: 1814-1815

• London: J Murray: 1858-72. Edited by Wellington, Arthur Richard Wellesley, 2d Duke of, 1907-1884..

Worley, Corlin

Atlas of the Peninsular War .
• Worley Publications: 2000>. 192pp. isbn: 1869804546 Amazon  

Wyld, James

Maps and plans, showing the principal movements, battles & sieges, in which the British army was engaged during the war from 1808 to 1814, in the Spanish peninsula and the south of France. .
• London: J. Wyld: 1840. 51 maps.

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