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The Sather Lectures

A Checklist of the Sather Lectures Published by the University of California Press

The Sather Lectures - now referred to as The Sather Classical Lectures on the University of California Press website - began in the 1920's from a professorship funded by a grant from Jane Sather, who also gave the funds for the Sather Gate and the Sather Tower at the University of California Berkeley. It has been an interesting and extremely successful series, with most titles going though multiple printings or and editions. The University of California Press shows (as of April 2018) 31 of the titles as still in print. The press published a history of the lectureship in 1965: Fifty years of Sathers : the Sather professorship of classical literature in the University of California, Berkeley, 1913/4-1964/4 , by Sterling Dow.

A complete list of the holders of the professorship is at Past and Future Sather Professors. This PagesOfPages listing provides slightly more bibliographical detail, as well as links to assist in locating copies.

The sequence numbers are assigned on publication; they do not represent the order in which the authors held their appointments. A few of the titles did not appear until 10 or 15 years after the date of the appointment; in a few cases no book has ever been published.

Arrangement is by publication sequence, each entry in the series is given a volume number by the publisher.

The Listing

1. Scott, John A. The Unity of Homer 1921. 275pp. Copyright has expired, so various on-demand editions are shown as available.
2. Smyth, Herbert Weir Aeschylean Tragedy 1924. 234pp.
3. Glover, Terot R. Herodotus. 1924. xv, 301pp.
4. Stuart, Duane R. Epochs of Greek and Roman Biography 1928. vii, 270pp.
5. Burnet, John Platonism. 1928. 130pp.
6. Myres, John L. Who Were the Greeks? 1930. 634pp.
7. Tenney, Frank Life and Literature of the Roman Republic 1930. vi, 256pp.
8. Nilsson, Martin P. The Mycenaean Origin of Greek Mythology 1932. 258pp. The Berkeley Classics department listing of the Sather professors gives the title as "The Mycenean Origins of Greek Mythology".
9. Wheeler, Arthur L. Catullus and the Traditions of Ancient Poetry 1934. 291pp.
10. Bailey, Cyril Phases in the Religion of Ancient Rome 1932. ix, 340pp.
11. Bonner, Robert J. Aspects of Athenian Democracy 1933. 199pp.
12. Duff, J. Wight Roman Satire: Its Outlook on Social Life 1936. 205pp.
13. Jaeger, Werner Demosthenes: the Origin and Growth of his Policy 1938. x, 273pp.
14. Shorey, Paul Platonism Ancient and Modern 1938. 259pp.
15. Bassett, Samuel E. The Poetry of Homer 1938. 273pp.
16. Rose, H. J. The Eclogues of Vergil 1942. ix, 276pp.
17. Persson, Axel W. The Religion of Greece in Prehistoric Times 1942. 189pp.
18. Fränkel, Hermann Ovid: a Poet between Two Worlds 1945. viii, 282pp.
19. Norwood, Gilbert. Pindar 1945. 302pp.
20. Carpenter, Rhys Folk Tale, Fiction, and Saga in the Homeric Epic 1946. 198pp.
21. Laistner, M.L.W. The Greater Roman Historians 1947. viii, 196pp.
22. Taylor, Lily Ross Party Politics in the Age of Caesar 1949. viii, 255pp.
23. Post, Levi Arnold From Homer to Menander: Forces in Greek Poetic Fiction 1951. 333pp.
24. Beazley, Sir John Davidson The Development of Attic Black-Figure 1951. 127pp.
25. Dodds, E. R. The Greeks and the Irrational 1951. ix, 327pp.
26. Festugière, A. J. Personal Religion among the Greeks 1954. viii, 186pp.
27. Gomme, A. W. The Greek Attitude to Poetry and History 1954. viii, 190pp.
28. Larsen, J. A. O. Representative Government in Greek and Roman History 1955. 249pp.
29. Whatmough, Joshua Poetic, Scientific, and Other Forms of Discourse : a new approach to Greek and Latin literature 1956. xii, 280pp.
30. Adcock, Frank The Greek and Macedonian Art of War 1957. 109pp.
31. Page, Denys L. History and the Homeric Iliad 1959. 350pp.
32. Meritt, Benjamin D. The Athenian Year 1961. vi, 262pp.
33. Syme, Ronald Sallust 1964. vi, 381pp.
34. Snell, Bruno Scenes from Greek Drama 1964. vi, 147pp.
35. Knox, Bernard M. W. The Heroic Temper. Studies on Sophoclean Tragedy. 1964. 209pp. Paperback edition in 1983.
36. Kitto, H. D. F. Poiesis: Structure and Thought 1966. 407pp.
37. Perry, Ben Edwin The Ancient Romances. A Literary-Historical Account of Their Origins. 1967. xii, 407pp. 0520010035.
38. Stanford, W. Bedell The Sound of Greek : studies in the Greek theory and practice of euphony 1967. vi, 177pp.
39. Dover, K. J. Lysias and the Corpus Lysiacum 1968. viii, 200pp.
40. Kirk, Geoffrey S. Myth: Meaning and Functions in Ancient and Other Cultures 1970. xii, 299pp.
41. Lloyd-Jones, Hugh The Justice of Zeus 1971. 230pp. 0520017390.
42. Walbank, F. W. Polybius 1972. 201pp. 0520021908.
43. Finley, Moses The Ancient Economy 1973. 222pp. 0520024362.
44. Kenney, Edward J. The Classical Text: Aspects of Editing in the Age of the Printed Book 1974. xi, 174pp. 0520027116.
45. Williams, Gordon Change and Decline. Roman Literature in the Early Empire 1978. viii, 344pp. 0520033337.
46. Vermeule, Emily Aspects of Death in Early Greek Art and Poetry 1979. xv, 270pp. 0520034058.
47. Burkert, Walter Structure and History in Greek Mythology and Ritual 1979. xix, 226pp. 0520037715.
48. Dihle, Albrecht The Theory of Will in Classical Antiquity 1982. 268pp. 0520040597.
49. Herington, John Poetry into Drama. Early Tragedy and the Greek Poetic Tradition 1985. xiv, 292pp. 0520051009.
50. Habicht, Christian Pausanias' Guide to Ancient 1985. xv, 205pp. 0520053982.
51. Clausen, Wendell Virgil's Aeneid and the Tradition of Hellenistic Poetry 1987. x, 183pp. 0520057910.
52. Lloyd, Geoffrey E. R. The Revolutions of Wisdom : Studies in the Claims and Practice of Ancient Greek Science 1987. xii, 468pp. 0520058321.
53. Snodgrass, Anthony M. An Archaeology of Greece : the Present State and Future Scope of a Discipline 1987. xv, 218pp. 0520058550.
54. Momigliano, A. D. The Classical Foundations of Modern Historiography 1990. xiv, 162pp. 0520068904.
55. Cameron, Averil Christianity and the Rhetoric of Empire : The Development of Christian Discourse 1991. xiv, 261pp. 0520071603.
56. Gabba, Emilio Dionysius and the History of Archaic Rome 1991. xviii, 253pp. 0520073029.
57. Willliams, Bernard Shame and Necessity 1993. xii, 254pp. 0520080467.
58. Bowersock, Glen Fiction as History : Nero to Julian 1994. xiv, 181pp. 0520088247/
59. Zanker, Paul The Mask of Socrates. The Image of the Intellectual in Antiquity 1995. 426pp. 0520201051.
60. Conte, Gian Biago The Hidden Author. An Interpretation of Petronius' Satyricon 1996. x, 226pp. 0520207157.
61. Nehamas, Alexander The Art of Living : Socratic Reflections from Plato to Foucault 1998. xi, 283pp. 0520211731.
62. Burnett, Anne Pippin Revenge in Attic and Later Tragedy 1998. xviii, 306pp. 0520210964.
63. Ridgway, Brunilde S. Prayers in Stone : Greek Architectural Sculpture ca. 600-100 B.C.E 1999. xvi, 255pp. 0520215567.
64. Millar, Fergus A Greek Roman Empire: Power and Belief under Theodosius II (408-450) 2006. xxvi, 279pp. 0520247035.
65. Feeney, Denis Caesar's Calendar: Ancient Time and the Beginnings of History 2007. xiv, 372pp. 0520933761.
66. Sedley, David Creationism and Its Critics in Antiquity 2008. xvii, 269pp. 0520260066.
67. Nagy, Gregory Homer the Preclassic 2011. xiii, 414pp. 0520256921.
68. Frede, Michael A Free Will. Origins of the Notion in Ancient Thought 2011. xiv, 206pp. 0520272668.
69. Bagnall, Roger S. Everyday Writing in the Graeco-Roman East 2011. 200pp. 0520267028.
70. Foley, Helene P. Reimagining Greek Tragedy on the American Stage 2012. xv, 375pp. 0520272447.
71. Beard, Mary Laughter in Ancient Rome: on Joking, Tickling, and Cracking Up 2014. x, 319pp. 0520277163.
72. Parker, Robert Greek Gods Abroad: Names, Natures, and Transformations 2017. 272pp. 0520293940.
73. Hölscher, Tonio Visual Power in Ancient Greece and Rome: Between Art and Social Reality 2018. 424pp. 9780520294936.