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Jack Vance - A Survey and Checklist of his Science Fiction Published in Book Form

Books Listed in order of first book publication, and with alternate titles

Alphabetical Title Listing Omnibus Volumes Introduction and Background

Contents are provided for short story collections.
Ace Doubles appearing here are treated in this title listing as two seperate entries.
Year Title [, Alternate Titles ] Initial Publisher Series Contents Editions
1950 The dying earth [Mazirian the magician] Hillman Periodicals Dying Earth [1] stories Editions
1953 The Space Pirate [The Five Gold Bands; The Rapparee] Toby Press     Editions
1953 Vandals of the Void Winston     Editions
1956 To live forever [Clarges] Ballantine     Editions
1957 Big Planet Avalon Big Planet [1]   Editions
1958 The languages of Pao Ace     Editions
1958 Slaves of the klau [Gold and Iron] Ace     Editions
1963 The dragon masters [The Dragonmasters; The Dragon Masters and Other Stories] Ace     Editions
1964 Future tense Ballantine   stories Editions
1964 The houses of Iszm Ace     Editions
1964 Son of the tree Ace     Editions
1964 The star king Berkley Demon Princes [1]   Editions
1964 The killing machine Berkley Demon Princes [2]   Editions
1965 Monsters in orbit [The Golden Girl and Other Stories] Ace     Editions
1965 Space opera Pyramid Books     Editions
1965 The world between and other stories [The moon moth and other stories] Ace   stories Editions
1966 Blue World Ballantine     Editions
1966 The Brains of Earth [Nopalgarth] Ace     Editions
1966 The many worlds of Magnus Ridoph [The Complete Magnus Ridoph; Magnus Ridoph] Ace   stories Editions
1966 Eyes of the Overworld [Cugel the Clever] Ace Dying Earth [2]   Editions
1967 The last castle Ace     Editions
1967 The palace of love Berkley Demon Princes [3]   Editions
1968 City of the Chasch [Chasch; The Chasch] Ace Planet of Adventure [1]   Editions
1969 Eight Fantasms and Magics a Science Fiction Adventure Macmillan   stories Editions
1969 Emphyrio Doubleday     Editions
1969 Servants of the Wankh [Wankh; The Wannek] Ace Planet of Adventure [2]   Editions
1969 The Dirdir Ace Planet of Adventure [3]   Editions
1970 The pnume Ace Planet of Adventure [4]   Editions
1973 The Worlds of Jack Vance Ace   stories Editions
1973 Trullion: Alastor 2262 Ballantine Alastor [1]   Editions
1973 The Anome [The Faceless Man] Dell Durdane [1]   Editions
1973 Brave Free Men Dell Durdane [2]   Editions
1973 Morreion : a tale of the dying earth Underwood-Miller Dying Earth   Editions
1974 The Gray Prince [The Grey Prince; The Domains of Koryphon; Domains of Koryphon] Avon     Editions
1974 The Asutra Dell Durdane [3]   Editions
1975 Marune: Alastor 933 Ballantine Alastor [2]   Editions
1975 Showboat World [The Magnificent Showboats of the Lower Vissel River, Lune XXIII South, Big Planet] Pyramid Books Big Planet [2]   Editions
1976 Maske : thaery Berkley     Editions
1978 Wyst : Alastor 1716 DAW Alastor [3]   Editions
1979 Green Magic: The Fantasy Realms of Jack Vance Underwood-Miller   stories Editions
1979 The seventeen virgins Underwood-Miller     Editions
1979 The face DAW Demon Princes [4]   Editions
1980 Galactic effectuator [Miro Hetzel, Effectuator; The Dogtown Tourist Agency and Freitzke's Turn] Underwood-Miller   stories Editions
1981 The Book of Dreams. DAW Demon Princes [5]   Editions
1982 The narrow land DAW   stories Editions
1982 Lost moons Underwood-Miller stories stories Editions
1983 Cugel's Saga [Cugel the Skybreak Spatterlight] Underwood-Miller Dying Earth [3]   Editions
1983 Lyoness. Book I: Suldrun's Garden [Suldrun's Garden] Berkley Lyonesse [1]   Editions
1984 Rhialto the marvelous Brandywine Books Dying earth [4] stories Editions
1985 Light from a lone star NESFA Press     Editions
1986 The Augmented Agent and Other Stories. Underwood-Miller   stories Editions
1986 Dark side of the moon. Underwood-Miller stories stories Editions
1987 Lyonesse: The Green Pearl [The Green Pearl; Lyonesse II: The Green Pearl; The Green Pearl. Lyonesse, Book II] Ace Lyonesse [2]   Editions
1988 Araminta station TOR Cadwal Chronicles [1]   Editions
1989 Madouc Underwood-Miller Lyoness [3]   Editions
1990 Chateau D'If and Other Stories Underwood-Miller stories stories Editions
1991 Ecce and old earth Underwood-Miller Cadwal Chronicles [2]   Editions
1992 Throy Underwood-Miller Cadwal chronicles [3]   Editions
1996 Night lamp Underwood     Editions
1998 Ports of call TOR Ports of Call [1]   Editions
2004 Lurulu TOR Ports of Call [2]   Editions
2007 The kragen Subterranean     Editions
2010 Sjamback Wildside Press     Editions
2013 Dodkin's job. Positronic     Editions

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