Dover Books Reprints of Classic Mysteries

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Dover books has over the years and under various series imprints reprinted many classic mysteries. Following is a partial listing.
Author names link to a wikipedia entry when available, unless I know of another link that is more informative. Biblio and Amazon links are to searches by isbn when the book is not pre-isbn. Addall links are to a search by author, title and key word, with "dover" begin the keyword.
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Allen, Grant An African Millionaire: Episodes in the Life of the Illustrious Colonel Clay 336pp 0486239926. 1980. Twelve superb, entertaining tales of "gentleman crook" who repeatedly swindles wealthy diamond magnate.1

Anderson, Frederick Irving The Book of Murder 0486256308. 1987. 79657-4. 2015.
One of my personal favorites. Unlike most of the dover mystery reprints done in the seventies and eighties this reprint, originally published in 1930, is very American. Check the author link above for a very good article on Anderson by Mike Grost. Others must like it as well because Dover has recently reissued it with a new cover.
Ashley, Mike [editor]. Toward the Golden Age: The Stories That Turned Crime to Gold. 336pp. 048680609X. 2016.
A new anthology from Dover. Includes Chesterton, Orczy, Bramah, etc. Stories from 1905 to 1921.

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Barr, Robert The Triumphs of Eugene Valmont 0486248941 1985
Beeding, Francis. Death Walks In Eastrepps 0486240142. 1980.
Bentley, E. C. Trent Intervenes. 259pp. 0486240983. 1981.
Bentley, E. C. Trent's Last Case 176pp. 0486296873. 1997.
Berkeley, Anthony The Piccadilly Murder 352pp 0486245187. 1983.
Blackwood, Algernon Best Ghost Stories of Algernon Blackwood 400pp. 0486229777. 1973.
Blackwood, Algernon The Complete John Silence Stories 246pp. 0486299422. 1997.
Bleiler, E. F. [editor] Eight Dime Novels 208pp. 0486229750. 1974.
Bleiler, E. F. [editor] Three Victorian Detective Novels 302pp. 0486236684. 1978.
Includes The Unknown Weapon by Andrew Forrester; My Lady's Money by Wilkie Collins; The Big Bow Mystery by Israel Zangwill.
Braddon, Mary E. Lady Audley's Secret. 286pp. 0486230112. 1974.
Bramah, Ernest. The Best Max Carrados Detective Stories. 244pp. 0486200647. 1972.
Brannon, W. T. see Joseph Weil The Con Game and "Yellow Kid" Weil 297pp. 0486231275. 1974.
Browne, Douglas G. Too Many Cousins 192pp. 0486247740. 1985.
Browne, Douglas G. What Beckoning Ghost 240pp. 0486250555. 1986.

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Campbell, R. T. Unholy Dying 128pp. 0486249778. 1985.
Campbell, R. T. Bodies in a Bookshop 178pp. 0486247201. 1984.
Cannan, Joanna. The Taste of Murder 176pp. 0486806057. 2016.
Chesterton, G. K. The Annotated Innocence of Father Brown 352pp. 0486298590. 2011.
Chesterton, G. K. The Club of Queer Trades 146pp. 0486255344. 1988.
Chesterton, G. K. Four Faultless Felons. 224pp. 0486258521. 1989.
Chesterton, G. K. The Man Who Knew Too Much. 159pp. 0486431789. 2003.
Chesterton, G. K. The paradoxes of Mr. Pond 0486261859. 1990.
Chesterton, G. K. The Poet and the Lunatics : Episodes in the Life of Gabriel Gale 0486478432. 2011.
Childers, Erskine The Riddle of the Sands 284pp. 0486232808. 1976.
Christie, Agatha The Mysterious Affair at Styles 160pp. 0486296954. 1997.
Collins, Max Allan A Killing in Comics 272pp. 0486798704. 2015.
Collins, Max Allan Strip for Murder 288pp. 0486798119. 2015.
Collins, Wilkie Armadale 601pp. 0486234290. 1977.
Collins, Wilkie The Dead Secret. 0486237753. 1979.
Collins, Wilkie The Haunted Hotel: A Mystery of Modern Venice 0486243338. 2011.
Collins, Wilkie Hide and seek or, The mystery of Mary Grice 0486242110. 2981.
Collins, Wilkie Little Novels 0486235068
Collins, Wilkie The Moonstone 0486424510. 2002.
Collins, Wilkie No-Name 0486236056
Crofts, Freeman W. The Cask. 318pp. 0486234576. 1977.

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Falkner, John Meade The Lost Stradivarius 0486243346. 1982.
Ferguson, John Death Comes To Perigord 0486244342. 1983.
Fitt, Mary Death and the Pleasant Voices 0486246035. 1984.
Fletcher, J. S. The Middle Temple Murder 256pp. 0486239101. 1980.
Freeman, R. Austin The Best Dr. Thorndyke Detective Stories. 0486203883.
Freeman, R. Austin. Mr. Pottermack's Oversight. 338pp. 0486247805. 1985.
Freeman, R. Austin The Red Thumb Mark 0486252108. 1986.
Freeman, R. Austin. The Stoneware Monkey; The Penrose Mystery: Two Dr. Thorndyke Detective Novels 0486229637
Futrelle, Jacques Best "Thinking Machine" Detective Stories 241pp. 1973 0486205371
Futrelle, Jacques Great Cases of the Thinking Machine 170pp. 0486233359. 1976.

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Gaboriau, Emile Monsieur Lecoq 278pp. 0486225704. 1975.
Grant, Maxwell The Crime Oracle, The Teeth of the Dragon: Two Adventures of the Shadow 163pp. 048623116X. 1975.
Green, Anna Katharine. The Leavenworth Case : a Lawyer's Story 331pp. 0486238652. 1981.

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Hare, Cyril Suicide Excepted 219pp. 0486242455. 1982.
Hare, Cyril Tenant for Death 200pp. 0486241033. 1981.
Hilton, James Was It Murder? 0486237745. 252pp. 1979.
Hull, Richard Keep It Quiet 0486245209. 1983
Hume, Fergus W. The Mystery of A Hansom Cab 0486219569. 1982.

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Kersh, Gerald Prelude To A Certain Midnight 190pp. 0486245365. 1983
King, C. Daly. The Curious Mr. Tarrant. 8 Detective Stories. 284pp. 0486235408. 1977.
King, C. Daly. Obelists Fly High. 288pp. 0486250369. 2015.
Knox, Ronald. Double Cross Purposes. 314pp. 0486250326. 1986.
Knox, Ronald Footsteps At The Lock 0486244938. 1983.
Kronzek, Rochelle. All-Time Favorite Detective Stories 272pp. 0486472744. 2010.

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Lamb, Hugh [editor]. Tales from a Gas-Lit Graveyard. 240pp. 048643429X. 2004.
Leblanc, Maurice The Extraordinary Adventures of Arsine Lupin, Gentleman Burgler. 0486235084
LeFanu, Sheridan Ghost Stories and Mysteries 0486207153
LeFanu, Sheridan Uncle Silas 0486217159. 1966.
LeFanu, Sheridan The Wyvern Mystery 0486440729. 2005.
Leroux, Gaston The Mystery of the Yellow Room: extraordinary adventures of Joseph Rouletabille, reporter 175pp. 0486234606. 1977.
Lorac, E. C. R. Murder by Matchlight 0486255778. 2015.

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MacDonald, Philip. The Rasp. 278pp. 23864-4. 1979.
Masterman, J. C. An Oxford Tradegy. 186pp. 24165-3. 1981.
Milne, A. A. The Red House 40129-4. 2010.
Morrison, Arthur Best Martin Hewitt Detective Stories 23324-3. 1976.
Murray, Max The Voice of the Corpse 207pp. 0486249050. 1985.
Onions, Oliver The Collected Ghost Stories 689pp. 0486207269. 1971.
Onions, Oliver The First Book of Ghost Stories: Widdershins 0486236080. 1971.

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Orczy, Baroness The Old Man in the Corner: Twelve Mysteries 162pp. 0486239721 . 1980.

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Paul, Barbara Kill Fee 80533-6. 2016.
Paul, Elliot Hugger-Mugger in the Louvre 25185-3. 2015
Paul, Elliot Mayhem In B-Flat 25621-9. 1988.
Paul, Elliot The Mysterious Mickey Finn 24751-1. 2015.
Phillpotts, Eden The Red Redmaynes 377pp. 0486242552. 1982.
Pirkis, Catherine Louisa The Experiences of Loveday Brooke, Lady Detective 98pp. 25164-0. 1986.
Post, Melville Davisson Uncle Abner: Master of Mysteries 0486232026. 1976.

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Rhode, John and Carter Dickson Fatal Descent 25409-7. 1987.
"Richmond" Richmond: Scenes in the Life of a Bow Street Runner 23279-4
Rinehart, Mary Roberts The Circular Staircase 29713-6. 2014.
Rohmer, Sax The Dream Detective 23504-1. 1977.
Rohmer, Sax The Insidious Dr. Fu-Manchu. 29898-1. 1997.

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Sayers, Dorothy L. Whose Body. 144pp. 247362-7. 2009.
Souvestre, Pierre and Marcel Allain Fantômas 44971-8. 2006.
Stribling, T. S. Best Dr. Poggioli Detective Stories 217pp. 23227-1. 1975.
Stribling, T. S. Clues of the Caribbees. Begin Certain Criminal Investigations of Henry Poggioli, Ph.D. 314pp. 23486-X. 1977.

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van Gulik, Robert Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee 23337-5
van Gulik, Robert The Haunted Monastery and The Chinese Maze Murders 23523-8
Vickers, Roy The Department of Dead Ends: 14 Detective Stories 0486236692. 1978.
Vickers, Roy. The Sole Survivor and, The Kynsard Affair 191pp. 24433-4. 1983.

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Wallace, Edgar Four Just Men 24642-6 1984
Wallace, Edgar The Murder Book of J. G. Reeder 128pp. 24374-5. 1982.
White, T. H. Darkness at Pemberley. 286pp. 23613-7. 1978.
Whitechurch, Victor L. Murder at the Pageant 25528-X. 1987.
Wood, H. F. The Passenger from Scotland Yard: A Victorian Detective Novel 23523-8. 1977.