A Checklist of Selected Dover Publications in the 20th Century

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Back in the seventies and eighties, in the days when I was working in a bookstore, Dover Publications was one of my favorite publishers. It was always interesting to see what new (old) titles they are adding to their list of reprints; their additions were attractively produced and they were providing a real service making available books that had been out of print.

Dover's primary characteristic was that they went deep in many different subject areas. The purpose of the different checklists here is to attempt to develop a comprehensive listing of the books reprinted in some of the subject areas I find interesting.

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Supernatural Fiction One of their most interesting areas of publication was in reprints of various genres of fiction. Their classification was elastic; sometimes just "fiction", sometimes "Literature and the Stage", sometimes split between "Science Fiction, Ghost Stores and Fantasy" and "Mystery and Detection", and other labels as well. I've generally split the listings between the latter two categories, with sometimes inconsistant results.
Mystery & Detective Fiction
Dover Travel & Exploration Another area where they have a long history of excellent reprints is Travel & Exploration.

A note about links in these listings

Links by isbn will not pick up entries where the isbn is not listed. Many of the books in this listed were originally published by Dover prior to the use if isbn's; if they were reprinted subsequently an isbn would be added. If you prefer the earliest Dover reprinted then in these cases the key word search should be used.


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