Dover Publications Reprints of Classics of Travel, Exploration and Adventure. A Checklist.

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Over the decades Dover has reprinted an impressive list of classics in the history of travel and exploration. The list below is a work in progress. The earliest entries below were reprinted in the early 1960's.

When an author name is displayed as a link it should connect to the wikipedia entry for the author; these entries are uniformly informative. The links after the entries themselves are to various bookselling sites. Some entries are new publications (for Dover), some are still in print after many decades, and for the rest most (but not all!) are available for surprisingly little cost on the used book market.

A direct link to Dover Publications is provided for each title when the isbn is searchable on their site. A title with no link to Dover might possibly be available from them under a different isbn. About one third of the books on this listing still have at least a presence on Dover's web site.

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Abbey, Charles A Before the mast in the clippers : the diaries of Charles A. Abbey, 1856 to 1860 ix, 283pp. 0486259374. 1989. Originally published in 1937.
Adler, Elkan Nathan Jewish Travellers of the Middle Ages: 19 Firsthand Accounts 392pp. 048625397X. 1987.

Anson, George Anson's voyage round the world in the years 1740-44, with an account of the last capture of a Manila galleon xiv, lxiv, 402pp. 0486229939. 1974.

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Bakeless, John The eyes of discovery : the pageant of North America as seen by the first explorers 439pp. 0486207617. 1961.
Bartram, William Travels of William Bartram 0486200132. 452pp. 1955.
Bates, Henry Walter The naturalist on the River Amazons : a record of adventures, habits of animals, sketches of Brazilian and Indian life, and aspects of nature under the Equator, during eleven years of travel x, 394pp. 0486201856. 1975.
Beebe, William Galapagos, world's end xiv, 442pp. 0486256421. 1988.
Bell, Gertrude Lowthian The desert and the Sown 368pp. 0486468763. 2008.
Bird, Isabella L Among the Tibetans 159pp. 0486434354. 2004.
Bird, Isabella L A lady's life in the Rocky Mountains xii, 156pp. 0486428036. 2003.
Bird, Isabella L My First Travels in North America 400pp. 0486473090. 2009.
Bird, Isabella L Unbeaten tracks in Japan 337pp. 0486445151. 2005.
Bridges, E. Lucas Uttermost part of the earth : Indians of Tierra del Fuego 556pp, 0486257517. 1988.
Budge, E. A. Wallis Budge's Egypt : a classic 19th-century travel guide xv, 311pp. 0486417212. 2001.
Burroughs, John Muir, John, et al. Alaska : The Harriman Expedition, 1899 xxxvii, 383pp. 0486251098. 1986.
Burton, Richard Francis First Footsteps in East Africa Or, an Exploration of Harar 0486254755. 209 + 276pp. 1987
Burton, Richard Francis The Gold-Mines of Midian 0486287394. 395pp. 1995.
Burton, Richard Francis The Lake Regions of Central Africa 0486286185. 572pp. 1995

Burton, Richard Francis Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah and Meccah Volume 1. 0486212181. 624pp. 1991. Volume 2. 0486212173. 528pp. 1991.

Burton, Richard Francis Wanderings in West Africa 048626890X. 624pp. 1991.

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Cabeza De Vaca, Alvar Nunez The Journey and Ordeal of Cabeza De Vaca: His Account of the Disasterous First European Exploration of the American Southwest 0486431800. 160pp. 2004.
de Castaneda de Najera, Pedro The journey of Coronado xxvii, 1434pp. 0486263088. 1990.
Catlin, George Letters and notes on the manners, customs, and conditions of the North American Indians : written during eight years' travel (1832-1839) amongst the wildest tribes of Indians in North America 2 vols. 0486221180, 0486221199. 1973.
Chardin, Sir John Travels in Persia, 1673-1677 0486256367. 287pp. 1988.
Columbus, Christopher The four voyages of Columbus : a history in eight documents, including five by Christopher Columbus, in the original Spanish, with English translations 2 Vols in 1. 048625626X. 1988. A reprint of two volumes published by the Hakluyt Society.
Cook, Capt. James The Explorations of Captain James Cook in the Pacific: As Told by Selections of His Own Journals 0486227669. 1971

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Dampier, William A New Voyage Around the World 0486457265. 376pp. 1968.
Doughty, Charles Travels in Arabia Deserta Volume 1. 0486238253. 674pp. 1980. Volume 2. 0486238261. 696pp. 1980.

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Exquemelin, Alexandre-Olivier The buccaneers of America ... containing also Basil Ringrose's account of the dangerous voyage and bold assaults of captain Bartholomew Sharp and others lii, 506pp. 048640966X. 1967.

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Fa-Hsien A record of Buddhistic kingdoms : being an account by the Chinese monk Fâ-Hien of his travels in India and Ceylon (A.D. 399-414) in search of the Buddhist books of discipline xi, 123, 45 p. 0486267601. 1965. Translated and annotated by James A. Legge
Fanning, Edmund Voyages & discoveries in the South Seas 1792-1832 0486259609. xiv, 335pp. 1989. Reprint of the 1924 edition.

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Harriot, Thomas A briefe and true report of the new found land of Virginia 91pp. 1972. Later printings, 0486210928, 112pp.
Henson, Mathew Henson At the North Pole 128pp. 048645472X. 2008.
Huc, Evariste Regis Travels in Tartary, Thibet, and China, 1844-1846 2 volumes in 1. 0486254380. 1987.

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Ibn Battuta The travels of Ibn Battuta in the Near East, Asia and Africa 1325-1354 xviii, 243pp. 0486437655. 2004.
Im Thurn, Everard Ferdinand Among the Indians of Guiana, being sketches chiefly anthropologic from the interior of British Guiana 445pp. 0486217728. 1972.

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Kalm, Pehr Travels in North America, 1770 2 vols. 1967
Kinglake, Alexander Eothen xi, 218pp. 0486790622. 2015. Deservedly famous. Classic British travel.
Kinglsey, Mary Travels in West Africa xvi, 743pp. 0486424901. 2003.

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Lewis, Meriwether and Clark, William History of the expedition under the command of Lewis and Clark 3 vols. 1965.
Lumholtz, Carl Unknown Mexico : explorations in the Sierra Madre and other regions, 1890-1898 2 volumes. 0486253643 and 0486254135. 1987.

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Mackenzie, Alexander Journal of the Voyage to the Pacific 0486288943. 366pp. 1996.
Mandeville, John The travels of Sir John Mandeville, with three narratives in illustration of it: The voyage of Johannes de Plano Carpini, The journal of Friar William de Rubruquis, The journal of Friar Odoric. xv, 390pp. 0486443787. 1964. Originally published in a Dover series "Library of English Classics". The isbn searches return a more recent edition.
Martineau, Harriet Retrospect of western travel 2 volumes in 1: 276, 239pp. I find this only in Worldcat, and am not convinced it really exists. Worldcat lists it as held by just one library.
Medina, Jose Toribio The discovery of the Amazon 0486255891. xii, 465pp. 1988. Originally published in 1894.
Muir, John My first summer in the Sierra vi, 146pp. 0486437353. 2004.

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Park, Mungo Travels in the interior of Africa xv, 304pp. 0486479137. 2011.
Peary, Robert E. The North Pole : its discovery in 1909 under the auspices of the peary arctic club 373pp. 0486251292. 1986.
Perry, Commodore M. C. Narrative of the Expedition to the China Seas and Japan, 1852-185 560pp. 0486411338. 2000.
Pidgeon, Harry Around the world single-handed : the cruise of the "Islander" ix, 232pp. 0486259463. 1989.
Pigafetta, Antonio Magellan's Voyage: A Narrative of the First Circumnavigation 0486280993. 195pp. 1994.
Pike, Zebulon Montgomery The expeditions of Zebulon Montgomery Pike 2 vols. 048625254X, 0486252558. 1987.
Polo, Marco The Travels of Marco Polo. The Complete Yule-Cordier Edition Volume 1. 462pp. 0486275868. 1992. Volume 2. 662 +161pp. 0486275876 1992.
Powell, J. W. Exploration of the Colorado River and its Canyons 397pp. 0486200949. 1961.

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Rogers, Woodes A cruising voyage round the world xxiii, xlvi, 320pp. 0486223043. 1970.
Roosevelt, Theodore Through the Brazilian wilderness : the classic travelogue 410pp. 0486813681. 2017.

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Schliemann, Heinrich Troy and its remains a narrative of researches and discoveries made on the site of Ilium and in the Trojan plain lv, 392pp. 0486280799. 1994.
Slocum, Joshua Voyage of the Liberdade viii, 118pp. 0486400220. 1998.
Speke, John Hanning Journal of the discovery of the source of the Nile 0486293041. 590pp. 1996, Originally published 1863.
Stanley, Henry M. How I Found Livingstone in Central Africa 640pp. 0486419533. 2011.
Stanley, Henry M. Through The Dark Continent Volume 1. 480pp. 0486256677. 2011. Volume 2. 480pp. 0486256685. 2011.
Stein, Aurel Ruins of Desert Cathay: Personal Narrative of Explorations in Central Asia and Westernmost China. Volume 1. 0486253511. 1987. Volume 2. 0486254046. 1987.
This set is probably the most expensive to purchase on the used book market. But until the proliferation of the print on demand-type of publisher it had only been reprinted by a couple of academic reprint houses. The original Macmillan edition runs from $1000 to over $2000; Academic reprints from a few decades ago are in the mid-hundreds, and a decent set of the Dover edition is likely to be $50.
Stephens, John L. Incidents of Travel in the Yucatan Volume 1. 0486209261. 301pp. 1963. Volume 2. 048620927X. 335pp. 1963 This new Dover edition ... is an unabridged republication of the work first published by Harper & Brothers in 1843
Stephens, John L. Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan Volume 1. 048622404X. 430pp. 1969. Volume 2. 0486224058. 474pp. 1969.
Stephens, John L. Incidents of travel in Egypt, Arabia Petræa, and the Holy Land liv, 473pp. 0486291553. 1996.

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Tomlinson, H. M. The sea and the jungle : an Englishman in Amazonia 246pp. 048679573X. 2015.
Twain, Mark and Harte, Bret California sketches xiv, 221pp. 0486269353, 1991. Unabridged republication of the work originally published under the title Sketches of the sixties: being forgotten material now collected for the first time from the Californian, 1864-67, John Howell, San Francisco, 1926
Twain, Mark Following the Equator: A Journey Around the World 0486261131. 720pp. 1990
Twain, Mark The Innocents Abroard. 651pp. 048642832X. 2003.
Twain, Mark Roughing It xxiii, 336pp. 0486427048. 2003.

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Waddell, Laurence A Lhasa and its mysteries : with a record of the British Tibetan expedition of 1903-1904 0486257630. xxii, 530pp. 1988. Originally published 1905.
Wallace, Alfred Russell The Malay Archipelago : the land of the orang-utan and the bird of paradise; a narrative of travel, with studies of man and nature 515pp. 1962. Unabridged republication of the last revised edition ... first published in 1869.
Wallace, Alfred Russell A Narrative of Travels on the Amazon and Rio Negro. 0486228037. 363pp. 1972. The Second Edition of 1889. With a new Introduction by H. Lewis McKinney.
Whymper, Edward Scrambles amongst the Alps : in the years 1860-69 xviii, 468pp. 0486289729. 1996.