A List of Books Relating to the Peninsular War in Spain

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The British Cavalry On The Peninsula, By An Officer Of Dragoons.

Letters were originally published in the United Service Journal between 1831 and 1833 as a series of separate articles

• Sunderland: Mark Thompson: 1996. 127pp. WorldCat Limited to 100 copies.


Jottings from my Sabretasch, by a Chelsea Pensioner.

While this was cited in the sources listed in Oman's Wellington's Army, it is listed under "Fiction, Novels, Romances, Tales" in the Supplement to the London Catalogue of Books for 1846 to 1849 (it was ten shillings sixpence).

Google books shows this as a free ebook, but clicking though leads to a a popular fiction-type morality tale entitled "Scenes and Characters" by the author of "Abbeychurch or Self Control and Self Conceit".

• London: Richard Bentley: 1847. vii, 292pp. WorldCat

Hering, John Frederick

Journal of an Officer of the King's German Legion, 1803-1816.

Originally published anonymously. Cited in Oman: Wellington's Army.

King's German Legion
• London: Henry Colburn: 1827. xxiv, 264 pp. WorldCat
• Ken Trotman: 2000. 329pp. isbn: 0946879842 Amazon   Limited to 100 copies.
• Leonaur Ltd.: 2009. WorldCat isbn: 1846776406 Amazon  


Letters from Portugal, etc. during the Campaigns of 1811-14 by a British Officer.

Cited by Oman in Wellingtoin's Army; I can find no other reference.

92 Foot
• London: 1819.


Memoirs of a Sergeant Late of the 43rd Light Infantry, Previously To and During the Peninsular War, including the account of his Conversion from Popery to the Protestant Religion.
43rd Foot
• London: 1835.
• Ken Trotman: 1998. 278pp. Limited to 150 copies. isbn: 094687963X Amazon  
• Leonaur: 2007. 195pp. Leonaur eyewitness to war series An adaption (and apparently abridged). Published as Soldiering with the "Division" : the military experiences of an infantryman of the 43rd Regiment during the Napoleonic Wars WorldCat isbn: 1846774063 Amazon  


Personal Narrative of a Private Soldier Who Served in the 42nd Highlanders for Twelve Years.
42nd Foot
• 1821.
• Cambridge: Ken Trotman: 1996. xxiii, 264pp. isbn: 0946879591 Amazon   WorldCat

[Johan Christian Maempel]

The Young Rifleman's Comrade--A Narrative Of His Military Adventures, Captivity And Shipwreck.

The author, a German, was conscripted into Napoleon's army, captured, and eventually joined the King's German Legion. Goethe wrote an introduction to the original Leipzig edition.

King's German Legion
• London: H. Colburn: 1826. xxiv, 310pp. Edited by Preface by Goethe. WorldCat
• Philadelphia: Carey and Lea: 1827.
• Leonaur: 2008. 176pp. Published as A conscript for Empire : the experiences of a young german conscript during the napoleonic wars isbn: 1846774462 Amazon  

H., T. [?Thomas Howell]

A Soldier of the Seventy-First. The Journal of a Soldier of the Highland Light Infantry 1806-1815.

Various attributions exist, including Thomas Howell and Thomas Pococke. Originally published anonymously in 1819. The author served in the ranks, enlisting at the age of 16 in a fit of pique, he having rebelled against his doting parents by attempting a career as an actor. Failure on the stage and a chance encounter with a recruiting party led to his enlistment, and 9 years very active service. Educated and intelligent, a bit of an outsider, this provides a fascinating glimpse of the life of the common solder in the Peninsular. Highly recommended

71st (Highland) Regiment of Foot
• Edinburgh: 1819. 121pp. second edition. WorldCat
• Edinburgh: William & Charles Tait, Adam Black, G & W B Whittaker & J Brash & Co Glasgow: 1823. xii,228. third edition.
• Warren, Michigan: Seqadron/Signal Publications: [1976]. xv, 121pp.
• London: Leo Cooper: 1976 (?1975). xv, 121pp. Edited by Christopher Hibbert. isbn: 0850521955 Amazon   WorldCat


Vicissitudes in the life of a Scottish soldier.

Identical with "With Wellington in the Peninsula. The Adventures of a Highland Soldier, 1808-1814"?

71st Regiment
• London: Henry Colburn: 1827. xiii, 344pp.


With Wellington in the Peninsula. The Adventures of a Highland Soldier, 1808-1814.

Remarkably this appears to be distinct from "A Solder of the 71st" since that appears to have been first published in 1819 while this was originally published in 1827

71st (Highland) Regiment of Foot
• Frontline Books: 2015. 214pp. Edited by Paul Cowan. isbn: 9781848327863 Amazon   WorldCat

Aitchison, John, 1788-1875

An ensign in the Peninsular War : the letters of John Aitchison.
• London: Michael Joseph: 1981. 348 pp. Edited by W.F.K. Thompson. isbn: 0718118286 Amazon  

Anderson,Lieut.-Col. Joseph, 1789 - 1877

Recollections of a Peninsula Veteran.

As a lieutenant in the 24th foot he fought in the Peninsular campaigns between 1809 and 1812, at Talavera, where he was wounded, at Busaco, at the defence of Torres Vedras, at Fuentes d'Onor, and in many minor engagements. After forty-three years' hard service he retired from the army in 1848, and became a squatter on the Goulburn river soon after the erection of Victoria into a separate colony in 1850, and became a leading colonist.

24th Regiment
• London: Edward Arnold: 1913. xiv, 299pp. WorldCat
• Naval & Military Press: 316pp. isbn: 1845748190 Amazon  

Anton, James

Retrospect of a Military Life, during the most Eventful Period of the Late War.


42nd Foot
• Edinburgh: W.H. Lizars: 1841. xii, 395. WorldCat
• Boston: Ken Trotman: 1991. xii, 395pp. isbn: 0946879516 Amazon  

Batty, Robert

Campaign of the Left-Wing of the Allied Army, in the Western Pyranees and the South of France, in the Years 1813-1814; under Field-Marshal the Marquess of Wellington.

Batty was educated at Caius College, Cambridge. He entered first for the army, but afterwards returned to Cambridge and took the M.B. degree in 1813. After this, however, he served with the grenadier guards in the campaign in the western Pyrenees, and at Waterloo. (DNB)

Oman gives the title as The Campaigns in the Pyranees and Southern France, 1813-1814

1st Foot Guards
• London: 1823.
• Ken Trotman: 1983. 208pp. isbn: 0853685967 Amazon  

Beatson, F. C.

With Wellington In The Pyrenees, Being an Account of the Operations between the Allied Army and the French from July 25 to August 2, 1813..
• London: M. Goschen ltd.: 1914. xii, 318pp. WorldCat
• London: Tom Donovan: 1993. xii, 327pp. facsimile of 1914 edition.
• London: Spellmount Publishers: 1993. 224ppp. isbn: 1871085160 Amazon  

Beatson, F. C.

Wellington, the Crossing of the Gaves and the Battle of Orthez.
• London: Heath, Cranton: 1925.
• Naval and Military Press: 312pp. 2017. isbn: 1783313358 Amazon  

Beatson, F.C.

Wellington: The Bidassoa & Nivelle.
• London: E Arnold: 1931. xi,224pp.
• Tom Donovan: 1995. 224pp. Reprint of the 1931 edition. isbn: 1871085276 Amazon  

Bell, G.

Rough Notes of an Old Soldier, during Fifty Years' Service, from Ensign to Major-General.
34th Foot in the Peninsular War. Afterward with the 1st Regiment of foot for 30 years.
• London: Day and Son Ltd.: 1867. 2 vols: xii, 367; viii, 382.. WorldCat lists an edition of 63pp published by Visconty in Nice in 1867, held by the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris. OCLC 456927157. There was a Visconty (or Visconti) circulating library in Nice around that time; See the Handbook for Travellers in France published by John Murray in 1867. .
• London: G Bell: 1956. WorldCat Published as Soldier's glory, being Rough notes of an old soldier .
• Staplehurst: Spellmount: 1991. 325pp. isbn: 0946771286 Amazon   Published as Soldier's Glory

Blainey, William

Napoleon vs. Blainey.

A journal written in the early 1800's by a member of the British infantry.

51st Foot
• Union Springs, N.Y.: Tallcot Bookshop: 1988. 48pp. WorldCat

Blakeney, R.

Services, Adventures, and Experiences of Capt. Blakeney, "A Boy in the Peninsular War".
28th Foot
• London: John Murray: 1899. xviii, 382pp. Edited by Julian Sturgis.
• Boston: Little, Brown: 1899. Edited by Julian Sturgis.
• London: Greenhill: 1989. xviii, 382pp. isbn: 1853670294 Amazon   series: Napoleonic library, 13 .

Blakiston, John

Twelve Years' Military Adventure in Three Quarters of the Globe; or, Memoirs of an Officer Who Served in the Armies of His Majesty and of the East India Company, Between the Years 1802 and 1814; in which are contained campaigns of the Duke of Wellington in India and his last in Spain and the South of France.

Oman cites this as Reminiscences of a Veteran, Personal and Military Adventures in three Quarters of the Globe. A John Blakiston also wrote Twenty Years in Retirement, London, A.J. Valpy, 1836

Portugese Service
• London: Henry Colburn: 1829. 2 vols. WorldCat
• New York: E. Bliss: 1829. 2 vols.

Blayney, Andrew Thomas Lord

Narrative of a Forced Journey Through Spain and France, as a Prisoner of War, in Years 1810 to 1814 .

Fuengirola expedition,etc. For a book that seems to have been reprinted in English only recently, its worth noting that there have been editions in German (Leipzig : Minerva, 1815) and French (Paris, L. Michaud [1909])

• London: Kerby: 1814. 2 vols:xvi, 495; viii, 504.. WorldCat
• Leonaur: [2009]. 436pp. isbn: 1846777704 Amazon   Published as Napoleon's prisoner of war : experiences of a British officer during the Napoleonic wars in Spain and France

Boothby, Charles

A Prisoner of France. The Memoirs, Diary, and Correspondence of Charles Boothby, Captain Royal Engineers, During His Last Campaign.

Well-spoken of by Oman

• London: Adam and Charles Black: 1898. xi,282pp. WorldCat
• Leonaur: 2009. 440pp. isbn: 1846777690 Amazon   Published as Napoleon's Prisoner of War: Experiences of a British Officer During the Napoleonic Wars in Spain and France

Boothby, Charles

Under England's Flag, 1804-1809, Memoirs, Diary, and Correspondence of Captain C. Boothby, R.E..
• London: Black: 1900.
• Leonaur: 2011. 376pp. Published as With the Royal Engineers in Italy, the Peninsula & France: Under England's Flag and a Prisoner of France isbn: 0857067826 Amazon  

Boutflower, Charles

Journal of an Army Surgeon in the Peninsula War.
• Manchester: Refuge Printing: 1912. 181pp.
• Spellmount: 1997. isbn: 1885119496 Amazon  

Bragge, William, Captain

Peninsular Portrait, 1811-1814; the Letters of Captain William Bragge, Third (King's Own) Dragoons.
• London: Oxford University Press: 1963. xiii, 167pp. Edited by S. A. C. Cassels. WorldCat

Broke Vere, C.

Marches, Movements, And Operations, Of The 4th Division Of The Allied Army, In Spain And Portugal, In The Years 1810, 1811, & 1812.
• Ipswich: 1841. 44pp.

Broughton,Samuel Daniel; Joseph Constantine Stadler; Robert Ker Porter, Sir

Letters from Portugal and Spain, written during the march of the British troops under Sir John Moore. With a map of the route, and appropriate engravings..
• London: Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme: 1809. xiv, 320pp; frontis; folding map.. WorldCat
• London: Longman: 1815. VI, 412. WorldCat

Broughton, Samuel Daniel

Letters from Portugal, Spain & France Written During the Campaigns of 1812, 1813, and 1814, Addressed to a Friend in England.
• London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown: 1815.
• Nonsuch Publishing: 2005. 192pp. isbn: 1845880307 Amazon  

Browne, Captain Thomas Henry

The Napoleonic War Journal Of Captain Thomas Henry Browne.

Browne was on Wellington's staff

• London: Army Records Society / The Bodley Head: 1987. 387pp. isbn: 0370311213 Amazon  

Buckham, Rev. E. W.

Personal Narrative Of Adventures In The Peninsula During The War In 1812-1813. By An Officer Late In The Staff Corps Regiment Of Cavalry.
• London: J. Murray: 1827. 339pp. WorldCat
• Ken Trotman: 1995. isbn: 0946879575 Amazon   Limited to 250 copies.

Bugeaud, Marshal Thomas Robert

Memoirs Of Colonel Bugeaud.
Imperial Guard (French)
• London: Hurst & Blackett: 1884. 2 vols.. WorldCat Edited from the French by C.M. Yonge.
• Worley: 1998. 184pp. Reprint of 1884 edition. isbn: 1869804503 Amazon   WorldCat

Bunbury, Henry Edward

Narratives of Some Passages in the Great War With France (1799-1810).
• London: R. Bentley: 1854. xxiv, 471 pages 5 maps, plan. WorldCat
• London: Peter Davies: 1927. xxiv, 324pp. Introduction by Sir John Fortescue. WorldCat

Bunbury, T.

Reminiscences of a veteran. Being personal and military adventures in Portugal, Spain, France, Malta, New South Wales, Norfolk Island, New Zealand, Andaman Islands, and India.

With the 20th Portuguese Line from 1810 to 1814

Portuguese Service
• London: Skeet: 1861. 3 vols. WorldCat
• Naval & Military Press: 2009. isbn: 1845748042 Amazon  

Burghersh, Lord

Memoir of the Early Campaign of the Duke of Wellington in Portugal and Spain.
• London: John Murray: 1820. 234pp. WorldCat

Burgoyne, John Fox

Life and Correspondence of Sir John Fox Burgoyne.

The first volume includes his service in the Peninsula War; the second volume includes the Crimean war.

• London: R. Bentley & Son: 1873. 2 vols; (1) 506pp (2) 508pp. Edited by Hon. George Wrottesley.

Burroughs, George Frederick

A Narrative of the Retreat of the British Army From Burgos.
• Bristol: Rough: 1814.
• British Library Historical Print Editions: 2011. 166pp. isbn: 1241425388 Amazon  

Brandt, Heinrich von, 1789-1868.

In the legions of Napoleon : the memoirs of a Polish officer in Spain and Russia, 1808-1813.
• London: Greenhill Books: 1999. 287 p. : ill.. translated and edited by Jonathan North. isbn: 1853673803 Amazon  

Brumwell, Lt. J

With The 43rd In The Peninsular.
43rd regiment
• Ken Trotman: 32pp.

Cadell, Charles, Lieut-Colonel

Narrative of the Campaigns of the Twenty-Eighth Regiment since their return from Egypt in 1802..
28th Foot
• London: printed for Whittaker & Co: 1835. xx, 281. \

Cameron, James

The Letters of Lt. Colonel Sir John Cameron, 1st Battalion, 9th Regiment of Foot, 1808-14.
9th Regiment of Foot
• Ken Trotman: 2013. Edited by Gareth Glover. isbn: 1907417443 Amazon  

Casse, George Richard

A prisoner of France (1809-1814) : a narrative of the Napoleonic Wars.
• London: H Baker: 1976. 170pp. isbn: 0703000969 Amazon  

Chesterton, George Laval

Peace, War and Adventure, an Autobiography .

per Oman: vol 1 contains service in Catalonia 1812-1814. "formerly of the Field Train Department of the Royal Artillery, subsequently a captain in the Army of Columbia, and at present governor of the house of correction at Cold Bath Fields"

Train and Commissariat
• London: Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans: 1853.

Cocks, Major The. Hon. Edward Charles

Intelligence Officer In The Peninsula, Letters And Diaries Of Major The Hon. Edward Charles Cocks..
• Tunbridge Wells: Stackpole Books: 1986. 255pp. Edited by Julia Page. isbn: 0946771715 Amazon  
• Hippocrene: isbn: 0870523104 Amazon  

Constable, Arthur [editor]

Constable's Miscellany: Memorials Of The Late Wars.

I. Journal of a soldier of the Seventy-first Regiment (Highland Light Infantry) from 1806 to 1815. The Spanish campaign of 1808, by Adam Neale. Despatch after the Battle of Corunna, by Sir John Hope. Reminiscences of a campaign in the Pyrenees and south of France, by John Malcolm.--v. 2. Memoirs of the war of the French in Spain, by M. de Rocca. Narrative of the battles of Quatre Bras, Ligny, and Waterloo. Death of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Also published as volumes 27 and 28 of the long series of Constable's miscellany

• Edinburgh: Constable: 1828. 2 Vols. WorldCat

Coignet, Jean-Roch, Captain

The Note-Books Of Captain Coignet.

Much of his memoirs are outside the peninsular, but he was present at the taking of Madrid.

• London: Peter Davies: 1928. xiii, 292. Introduction by Sir John Fortescue. In the publishers Soldier's Tales series. WorldCat
• London: Greenhill: 1998. 320pp, paperback. Introduction by Sir John Fortescue. isbn: 1853673137 Amazon   WorldCat

Colborn, Sir John, Lord Seaton

The life of John Colborne, field-marshal lord Seaton : compiled from his letters, records of his conversations, and other sources.
52nd Foot
• London: Murray: 1903. x, 439pp. Edited by G. C. Moore-Smith. WorldCat

Cole, M and Gwynn, S. [editors]

Memoirs of Sir Lowry Cole.
Command the 4th division from 1809 to 1814
• London: Macmillan: 1934. viii, 262pp. WorldCat
• Ken Trotman: nd. 264pp. Facsimile of the 1934 edition.
• Naval & Military Press: 2014. isbn: 1845749871 Amazon   WorldCat

Cooke, J. H.

Memoirs of the late War : comprising the personal narrative of Captain Cooke of the 43rd Regiment Light Infantry; the history of the campaign of 1809 in Portugal, by the Earl of Munster; and a narrative of the campaign of 1814 in Holland, by Lieut. T.W.D. Moodie.

Cooke's narrative covers 1811-1814

43rd Foot
• London: H. Colburn and R. Bentley: 1831. 2 vols: 321, 314pp. WorldCat

Cooke, J. H.

A Narrative of Events in the South of France and America, 1814-1815.
43rd Foot
• London: 1835.

Cooke, Lt. John

A True Soldier Gentleman. The Memoirs of Lt. John Cooke 1791-1813.
43rd Foot
• Swanage: Shinglepicker Publications: 2000. 267pp. isbn: 0952278243 Amazon   Edited by Eileen Hathaway.

Cooper, John

Rough Notes Of Seven Campaigns In Portugal, Spain, France, And America.
7th Fusiliers
• London: John Russell Smith: 1869. Published as Rough notes of seven campaigns in portugal, Spain, France, and America during the years 10-11-12-13-14-15 WorldCat
• Carlisle: G. and T. Coward: 1914. vii, 160pp. 2nd edition, with a preface signed "N.R.McM., Albany Baracks". WorldCat
• Spellmount: 1996. 150pp. isbn: 1873376650 Amazon  
• Leonaur: 2007. 133pp. Published as Fusilier Cooper : experiences in the 7th (Royal) Fusiliers during the Peninsular Campaign of the Napoleonic Wars and the American Campaign to New Orleans isbn: 1846771757 Amazon   WorldCat

Costello, Edward, b. 1788

The Adventures of a Soldier : or, memoirs of Edward Costello.
95th Foot (Rifle Brigade)
• London: Henry Colburn: 1841. 410pp. WorldCat
• London: Colburn and Co.: 1852. xiv, 275pp. Published as Memoirs of Edward Costello of the Rifle Brigade, comprising narratives of Wellington's Campaigns in the Peninsula, etc 2nd edition..
• London: Longmans: 1967. WorldCat
• [Hamden, Conn.]: Archon Books: Adventures of a soldier. 1968. xix, 172 p. map, port.. isbn: 0208006303 Amazon  

Cotton, Sir Stapleton

Memoirs and correspondence of Field-Marshal Viscount Combermere.
• London: Hurst and Blackett: 1866. xiii, 403pp. Edited by Viscountess Combermere and Capt. W. Knollys. WorldCat

D'Urban, Major-General Sir Benjamin

Peninsular journal of Major-general Sir Benjamin D'Urban ... 1808-1817..

Chief of Staff to Marshal Beresford

• London: Longman Greens: 1930. xix,355pp. Edited by I. J. Rousseau. WorldCat
• London: Greenhill: 1988. 355pp. Published as The Peninsular journal, 1808-1817 The Napoleonic Library isbn: 0947898875 Amazon  

de Rocca, Albert Jean Michel

Memoirs of the war of the French in Spain.

de Rocca was a French Hussar in the peninsular from 1808 through 1810

• London: J Murray: 1815. viii, 384pp.
• Philadelphia: J. Dobson: 1823. xii, 219. Published as War of the French in Spain, during the reign of the Emperor Napoleon 2nd American, from the 2nd English edition.
• London: Greenhill / Napoleonic Library 16: 1990. 192pp. Published as In The Peninsula With A French Hussar isbn: 1853670804 Amazon   WorldCat

Dallas, Alexander

Autobiography of the Rev. Alexander Dullas, including his service in the Peninsula in the Commissariat Department.
Train and Commissariat
• London: 1870.

Dalrymple, Hew Whitefoord, Sir, 1750-1830.

Memoir written by ... Sir H. Dalrymple ... of his proceedings as connected with the affairs of Spain, and the commencement of the Peninsula War.
• London: T & W Boone: 1830. xvi, 317pp.

Daniel, John

Journal of an officer in the commissariat department of the army: comprising a narrative of the campaigns under his Grace the Duke of Wellington, in Portugal, Spain, France, and the Netherlands, in the years 1811, 1812, 1813, 1814, & 1815; and a short account of the army of occupation in France, during the years 1816, 1817, & 1818.
• London: Printed for the author, by Porter and King: 1820. xii, 512pp. WorldCat
• Ken Trotman: 1997. 501pp. Published as Journal Of An Officer In The Commissariat Department, 1811-1815 Limited to 250 copies. isbn: 0946879621 Amazon  
• Leonaur: 2009. 238pp. Published as Portugal to Waterloo with Wellington : the journal of a British Commissariat officer during the Peninsular War and the Campaign of 1815 isbn: 1846779219 Amazon   WorldCat

Dickson, Alexander

The Dickson Papers, Diaries and Correspondence of Major-General Sir Alexander Dickson, G.C.B. Series 1809-18.
• Woolwich: 1908-1912. 2 vols. Edited by Major John Leslie, R.A..
• Ken Trotman: 1987. Edited by Major John Leslie, R.A.. Published as The Dickson manuscripts : being diaries, letters, maps, account books, with various other papers of the late Major-General Sir Alexander Dickson WorldCat isbn: 0946879222 Amazon  

Dobbs, Captain John

Recollections of an old 52nd Man.
52nd Foot
• Waterford: pr. by T.S. Harvey, Merchants' Quay: 1859. 6, 60pp. WorldCat
• Spellmount: 2000. xiii, 86pp. Introduction by Ian Fletcher. WorldCat isbn: 1862270937 Amazon  

Donaldson, Joseph

Recollections of the Eventful Life of a Soldier. By the late Joseph Donaldson, sergeant in the Ninety-Fourth Scots Brigade..

This edition includes all three parts of Donaldson's memoirs, including the two listed here as well as the final, Scenes and Sketches of Ireland

• London: A & C Black Booksellers: 1841. viii, 375pp.
• Edinburgh: Robert Martin: 1845. vi, 375pp.

Donaldson, Joseph

Recollection of an Eventful Life, Chiefly Passed in the Army, by Joseph Donaldson, Sergeant 94th Scotch Brigade .
94th Foot
• London: 1825.
• Glasgow: W.R. M’Phun: 1825. xii, 222. Second edition..
• Philadelphia: G B Zeiber & Co: 1845. xii, 231.
• Naval & Military Press: 2015. isbn: 1845747593 Amazon   WorldCat

Donaldson, Joseph

The War in the Peninsula: A Continuation of the Recollections of the Eventful Life of a Soldier .

Known bound with the first volume of Donaldson's memoirs.

94th Foot
• Glasgow: W.R. M'Phun: 1825. 221pp.

Douglas, Joseph

Douglas's Tale Of The Peninsula & Waterloo 1808-1815.
1st Royal Scots
• Leo Cooper: 1997. 133pp. First publication. isbn: 1783834439 Amazon   WorldCat

Douglas, Sir Howard

Life of General Sir Howard Douglas from his Notes, Conversation and Letters.
• London: Murray: 1863. xiv, 431pp. WorldCat

Eaddie, Robert

RECOLLECTIONS OF ROBERT EADDIE, Private of His Majesty's 79th. Regiment of Infantry; Giving a concise Account of his Campaigns in Ireland, Denmark, Walcheren & the Peninsula..
79th regiment
• Magg Brothers: 150pp. a limited edition of 75 copies.

Esdaile, Charles J

Peninsular eyewitnesses : the experience of war in Spain and Portugal 1808-1813.
• Barnsley: Pen & Sword Military: 208. xiv, 306pp. isbn: 1844151913 Amazon  

Facey, Peter

The Diary of a Veteran: The Diary of Sergeant Peter Facey, 28th (North Gloucester) Regiment of Foot 1803-1819.
28th Regiment of Foot
• Ken Trotman: 2007. 68pp. Edited by Gareth Glover. isbn: 190507459X Amazon  

Farmer, George

The Light Dragoon, the Story of Geo. Farmer, 11th Light Dragoons.

Rewritten by Gleig, and sometimes considered fictional

11th Light Dragoons
• London: Henry Colburn: 1844. Edited by Rev. G. R. Gleig.
• Naval and Military Press: 2003. 252pp.

Fernyhough, R.

Military Memoirs of Four Brothers, by the survivor, Lieut. R. Fernyhough, Rifle Brigade.

Includes the journals of John and Robert Fernyhough

95th Foot (Rifle Brigade)
• London: W Sams: 1829.
• London: J. Masters: 1838. xi, 324pp. WorldCat
• Staplehurst: Spellmount: 2002. xiii, vi, 275 pp. isbn: 1862271275 Amazon   Spellmount library of military history.
• Leonaur: 2006. 213pp. Published as Marines to 95th (Rifles) - The military experiences of Robert Fernyhough during the Napoleonic Wars. isbn: 1846771331 Amazon   WorldCat Perhaps abridged?.

Fitchett, W. H [editor]

Wellington's men : some soldier autobiographies: Kincaid's "Adventures in the Rifle brigade"; "Rifleman Harris"; Anton's "Military life"; Mercer's "Waterloo,".
• London: Smith, Elder, & Co: 1900. vi, 419pp. WorldCat

Fitzclarence, A., Lt.-Col.

An Account of the British Campaign of 1809 under Sir A. Wellesley in Portugal and Spain.

See also John Cooke, Memoirs of the Late War

• London: [United Service Journal]: 1831. 69pp. WorldCat

Fitzgerald, Gerald

Biographical sketch of Major General John FitzMaurice, K.H. Written for private circulation. 1908, the centenary of the formation of the 95th Rifle Corps, now the Rifle Brigade.
• Anghiari Press: Tiber Print.: 1908. 102pp. WorldCat

Fletcher, Ian [editor]

Voices from the Peninsula. Eyewitness Accounts by Soldiers of Wellington's Army, 1808-1814.
• London: Greenhill: 2001. 320pp. isbn: 1853674591 Amazon  
• Barnsley: Frontline Books: 2016. 303pp + plates. isbn: 1848328044 Amazon  

Frazer, Augustus Simon

Letters of Sir Augustus Simon Frazer, K.C.B., Commanding Royal Horse Artillery under Wellington, written during the Peninsular Campaigns.
• London: Longman, Brown: 1859. xx,609pp. WorldCat
• Uckfield: Naval & Military Press: 2001. xx,644pp. WorldCat isbn: 1843421143 Amazon  

Gomm, Sir W.

Letters and journals of Field-Marshal Sir William Maynard Gomm ... from 1799 to Waterloo, 1815.
• London: J. Murray: 1881. 378pp. WorldCat

Gordon, A

A Cavalry Officer in the Corunna Campaign, 1808-1809 - the journal of Captain Gordon of the 15th Hussars.
15th Hussars
• London: John Murray: 1913. xvi, 238pp. Edited by Colonel H C Wylly.
• Worley: 1990. 238pp. isbn: 1869804163 Amazon  
• Naval & Military Press: 2009. 238pp.

Graham, Sir Thomas

Life and Letters of Sir Thomas Graham, Lord Lyndoch.
• London: Richardson & Co., M. Singer & Co.: 1880. 816pp. WorldCat

Graham, William

Travels in Portugal and Spain, 1812-1814, by William Graham of the Commissariat Department.
Train and Commissariat
• London: printed for Sir Richard Phillips and Co.: 1820. iv, 88.

Grattan, William, Esq.

Adventures with the Connaught Rangers 1809-1814.
88th Foot, Connaught Rangers

Grattan served as a lieutenant with the Connaught Rangers through most of the peninsular campaign. Extremely well written, vivid, realistic and detailed descriptions of everyday life with the 88th regiment. Excellent descriptions of battles, sieges, storming the breach etc. Highly recommended.

• London: Colburn and Co.: 1847. 2 vols. Published as Adventures of the Connaught rangers, from 1808 to 1814 WorldCat
• London: Edward Arnold: 1902. xxi,340pp,31[+1] pages adverts in rear. Edited by Oman, Charles.
• London: Greenhill Books/Lionel Leventhal Limited: 2003 (scheduled). 346pp. Paperback. isbn: 1-85367-531-8 Amazon  

Grattan, William, Esq.

Adventures of the Connaught Rangers. Second Series..

More general history than the first series, with copious extracts from Napier. A great deal of documentary content on the Curwood - Mackie Cuidad Rodrigo controvery (i.e. who was first, who really received the surrender. Not as compelling reading as Grattan's first volume. Not reprinted and very rare.

88th Foot
• London: Colburn and Co.: 1853. 2 vols. (1) vii,326pp.,16 pp adverts (2)v, 334pp, 16pp adverts.

Green, John, b. 1790

Vicissitudes of a Soldier's Life.
68th foot
• LouthWakefield: 1827.
• Wakefield: E. P. Publishing: 1970. xii,227pp. isbn: 085409802X Amazon   Published under the title: A Soldier's Life.
• Cambridge: Ken Trotman: 1996. xii, 227pp. isbn: 0946879583 Amazon  

Green, William

A Brief Outline of the Travels and Adventures of Wm. Green, Bugler, Rifle Brigade, during a period of ten years, in Denmark, Germany, and in the Peninsular War.
95th foot (Rifle Brigade)
• Coventry: Printed by R. Astill: 1857. 53pp. WorldCat
• West Wickham: Synjon Books: 1975. 65pp. isbn: 0904373010 Amazon  

Griffith, Edwin and Frederick Philips

From Corunna to Waterloo : the letters and journals of two Napoleonic Hussars : Major Edwin Griffith and Captain Frederick Philips 15th (King's) Hussars 1801-1816.
15th Hussars
• London: Greenhill Books: 2007. 287pp. isbn: 1853677094 Amazon   WorldCat

[Guillemard, Robert]

The adventures of a French serjeant, during his campaigns in Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia &c. from 1805 to 1823.

The 1826 edition, identified as the second on the title page, follows the first edition of the same year, which was in French. Author identification from Maggs Catalog 1433.

• London: Henry Coburn: 1826. xvi,346.
• London: Hutchinson: 1898. xii, 342pp. WorldCat Author identified as Barbaroux, C.O.

Hale, James

Journal of James Hale, late Sergeant 9th Foot.
9th Foot
• Cirencester and London: Philip Watkins (Cirencester) and Longman (London): 1826. 131pp. WorldCat
• Naval & Military Press: 2009. 131pp. isbn: 1845747445 Amazon  

Hall, Cornet Francis

Reminiscences of 1811-1812.
14th Light Dragoons
• Published in the Journal United Service Institution: 1912.
• Ken Trotman: 2002. 54pp.

Hamilton, Anthony

Hamilton's Campaign with Moore and Wellington during the Peninsula War.

The author migrated to America where it was first published.

43rd Foot
• Troy, NY: 1847. 164pp.
• Spellmount: 1998. 163pp. Spellmount Library of Military History isbn: 1862270171 Amazon  
• Leonaur: 2009. 119pp. Published as On campaign with Moore and Wellington : the experiences of a soldier of the 43rd regiment during the Peninsular War Eyewitness to War isbn: 1846776317 Amazon   WorldCat

Harley, J. H.

The Veteran, of Forty Years in the British Service.


47th Regiment
• London: Henry Colburn: 1838. 2 vols. WorldCat

Harris, Benjamin

Recollections of Rifleman Harris.

As told to Captain Henry Curling

95th Foot (Rifle Brigade)
• London: 1848. Edited by Captain Curling.
• London: Military Book Society: 1970. 128pp. Edited by Christopher Hibbert. isbn: 0850520053 Amazon  
• London: Naval & Military Press: 2015. Edited by Henry Curling. isbn: 1845749251 Amazon   WorldCat
• Swanage: Shinglepicker Publications: 1996. 203pp. Edited by Eileen Hathaway. isbn: 0952278227 Amazon   WorldCat

Hawker, Peter, Lieut.-Col.

Journal of a regimental officer during the recent campaign in Portugal and Spain under Lord Viscount Wellington with a correct plan of the Battle of Talavera.
14th Light Dragoons
• London: J. Johnson: 1810. 137pp. WorldCat

Hay, Captain William

Reminiscences Under Wellington, 1808-1815.
16th Light Dragoons
• London: Simpkin, Marshall & Co: 1901.
• Cambridge: Ken Trotman: 1992. isbn: 0946879524 Amazon  

Head, F.

Memoirs of an Assistant-Commissary-General .
Train and Commissiariat
• London: 1840.

Hennegan, Sir Richard D.

Seven Years in the Peninsula and the Netherlands, by Sir Richard D. Hennegan, of the Field Train.
Train and Commissiariat
• London: Colburn: 1846. 2 vols. WorldCat
• Leonaur: 2007. 314pp. Published as Campaigns with the field train : experiences of a british officier during the Peninsula and Waterloo campaigns of the napoleonic wars WorldCat isbn: 184677389X Amazon  

Hennell, George

A Gentleman Volunteer, the Letters of George Hennell from the Peninsular War 1812-13.
43rd Foot
• London: Heinemann: 1979. 181pp. Edited by Michael Glover, 1922-1995. isbn: 0434295612 Amazon  

Henry, Walter

Events of a Military Life, Being Recollections of Service in the Peninsula, etc..

Alternate title:Trifles From My Portfolio. Henry was a surgeon.

66th Foot
• Quebec: William Neilson: 1839. 2 Vols. WorldCat
• London: 1843. 2 vols. (1) xii, 310pp (2) x,384pp. Second edition, revised and enlarged.
• London: Chatto and Windus: 1970. vi, 281pp. Published under the title: Surgeon Henry's Trifles - Events of a Military Life. isbn: 0701115696 Amazon   WorldCat

Hill, Lord

Life and Letters of Lord Hill.
• London: 1845. Edited by E. Sydney.

Hope, James

Letters from Portugal, Spain and France during The Memorable Campaigns of 1811,1812, & 1813; and from Belgium and France in the Year 1815.
92nd Foot
• London: T and G Underwood: 1819. 307pp.
• London: 1833.
• London: 1849. WorldCat
• Naval and Military Press: 2002. xxviii, 324pp. Published under the title: IBERIAN AND WATERLOO CAMPAIGNS. The Letters of Lt James Hope (92nd (Highland) Regiment) 1811-1815. isbn: 1843425173 Amazon  

Jones, John T.

Memoranda relative to the lines thrown up to cover Lisbon in 1810.
• [London]: Printed for Private Circulation: 1829. 188pp.

Jones, John Thomas

Account of the War In Spain and Portugal, And In The South of France, from 1808, to 1814, inclusive..

Jones was a general in the Royal Engineers

Royal Engineers
• London: T. Egerton: 1818. xxvi, 448pp. WorldCat
• London: T. Egerton: 1821. 2nd edition.. xxvi, 448pp. WorldCat

Jones, Rice

An engineer officer under Wellington in the Peninsula : the diary and correspondence of Lieut. Rice Jones, R.E., during 1808-9-10-11-12 : with letters from distinguished officers at the seat of war in Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, and America and afterwards.
• Chatham: [Institution of Royal Engineers]: 1912-1913. 130pp. Edited by H. Shore. WorldCat
• Cambridge: Ken Trotman: 1986. 128pp. isbn: 0946879176 Amazon   WorldCat

Keep, William Thornton

In The Service Of The King: The Letters of William Thornton Keep at Home, Walcheren, and in the Peninsula, 1808-1814.
28th Regiment in the Peninsular
• Spellmount: 1997. 214pp. Edited by Ian Fletcher. isbn: 1873376790 Amazon  

Kincaid, Captain Sir John

Adventures in the Rifle Brigade in the Peninsula, France and the Netherlands, From 1809 to 1815.

One of the best memoirs.

95th Foot (Rifle Brigade)
• London: T & W Boone: 1830. First edition.
• London: Hodder & Stoughton: [1915]. Herbert Strang's Library
• London: Peter Davies: 1929.
• New York: Robert M. McBride Company: 1929. xv, 262pp. . Soldiers' Tales Series
• London: Leo Coopper: 1997. xxix,176pp .
• Staplehurst: Spellmount: 1998. 351pp . isbn: 1862270201 Amazon  

Kincaid, Captain Sir John

Adventures In The Rifle Brigade, And Random Shots From A Rifleman.

His two volumes of memoirs, abridged

• Glasgow: Richard Drew: 1981. xii, 302pp. isbn: 0904002837 Amazon  

Kincaid, Captain Sir John

Random Shots From a Rifleman.
95th Foot (Rifle Brigade)
• London: 1835.
• Spellmount: 1998. Spellmount Library of Military History isbn: 1862270236 Amazon  
• Dallington: Naval and Military Press: 1999. 343pp.

Kincaid, Captain Sir John

The Rifle Brigade.

Another abridgment of his two volumes

95th Foot (Rifle Brigade)
• Barnsley: Pen and Sword: 2005. xiii, 302pp. isbn: 184415288X Amazon  

Knowles, Robert

The war in the Peninsula; some letters of Lieutenant Robert Knowles, of the 7th, or Royal, fusiliers, a Lancashire officer.
7th Foot
• Bolton: Bolton, Tillotson & Son: 1909. 92pp. Edited by Sir Lees Knowles, Bart.. WorldCat
• Staplehurst: Spellmount: 2004. 95pp. WorldCat isbn: 1862272352 Amazon  

Lamare, Col.

An Account Of The Second Defence Of The Fortress Of Badajoz, By The French, In 1812.
• Chatham: Printed and sold by Townson and Burrill: 1824. 46pp. WorldCat

Landmann, George T.

Adventures and recollections of Colonel Landmann, late of the Corps of Royal Engineers.
• London: Colburn: 1854. 2 vols. WorldCat

Landsheit, Norbert

The Hussar: the Story of Norbert Landsheit, Sergeant in the York Hussars and the 20th Light Dragoons.
20th Light Dragoons
• London: 1837. Edited by Rev. G. R. Gleig.
• Ken Trotmsn: 2001. 2 vols. isbn: 0946879982 Amazon  

Larpent, F. Seymour (Francis Seymour), 1776-1845

The private journal of F.S. Larpent, Esq., Judge Advocate, General of the British Forces in the Peninsula. : attached to the head- quarters of Lord Wellington during the Peninsular War, from 1812 to its close.
• London: R. Bentley: 1853. 3 vols: xx, 296; viii, 310; viii, 294. Edited by edited by ed. by Sir George Larpent.
• Spellmount: 2000. 608pp. isbn: 1862271003 Amazon  

Lawrence, William

A Dorset Soldier: The Autobiography Of Sgt William Lawrence 1790-1869.
• London: 1901. Edited by G. N. Banks. Published as The Autobiography of Sergeant Wm. Lawrence, 40th Regt.
• Ken Trotman: 1987. 250pp. Facsimile of the 1886 edition. Ken Trotman Military History Monographs #10 isbn: 0946879257 Amazon  
• Spellmount: 1993. 176pp. isbn: 1873376510 Amazon  
• Uckfield: Naval & Military Press: 2001. Under the title: The Autobiography of Sergeant William Lawrence, a Hero of the Peninsular and Waterloo Campaigns. isbn: 1781502331 Amazon  

Leach, J.

Rambles along the Styx.
95th Foot (Rifle Brigade)
• London: 1847. WorldCat

Leach, J.

Rough Sketches of the Life of an Old Soldier, during a service in the West Indies, the Peninsula, etc..
95th Foot (Rifle Brigade)
• London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown & Green: 1831. xxix, 411 pp..
• Cambridge: Ken Trotman: 1986. xxix, 411 pp.. isbn: 0946879168 Amazon   WorldCat

Leith Hay, Sir Andrew.

Narrative of the Peninsular War.

Aide-de-camp to General Leith

29th Foot
• London; Edinburgh: Whittaker, Treacher, and Arnot; Daniel Lizars: 1831. 2 vols. WorldCat
• London: 1839. 2 vols.
• London: J Hearne: 1850. xii, 451pp. 4th edition, in one volume.

Lejeune, Louis François

Memoirs of Baron Lejeune, aide-de-camp to marshals Berthier, Davout, and Oudinot.
• London: Longmans Green: 1897. 2 vols.


Military journal of Colonel Leslie, K.H., of Balquhain : whilst serving with the 29th Regt. in the Peninsula, and the 60th Rifles in Canada, &c., 1807-1832..
29th Foot
• Aberdeen: 1897. 332pp. WorldCat

L'Estrange, Sir George

Recollections of Sir George L'Estrange, 1813-1814.
31st Foot
• London: S. Low, Marston, Low, & Searle: 1873 (74?). viii, 280pp.

Long, Robert Ballard

Peninsular Cavalry General 1811-1813. The Correspondence of Lieutenant-General Robert Ballard Long.
• London: Harrap: 1951. 304pp. T.H. McGuffie. WorldCat

MacCarthy, James

The Storm of Badahoz, with a Note on the Battle of Corunna.
50th Foot
• London: 1836.
• Spellmount: 2001. isbn: 1862271313 Amazon   Published as Recollections of the Storming of The Castle at Badajos Spellmount Library of Military History

Macdonald, Jacques Etienne Joseph Alexandre

Recollections of Marshal Macdonald, Duke of Tarentum.
• London: Richard Bentley and Son: 1892. Two vols: xii, 356; xii, 380 pp. Edited by Camille Rousset. Translated by Stephen Louis Simeon. Also published in New York by Scribner.
• Gateshead: Worley: 1987. isbn: 1869804031 Amazon   WorldCat

McGrigor, James

The Autobiography and Services of Sir Jas. McGrigor, Bart., late Director General of the Medical Departemnt.


• London: 1861.

Mackinnon, General Henry

Journal in Spain and Portugal 1809-1812 , containing remarks on the inhabitants, customs, trade, and cultivation, of those countries, from the year 1809 to 1812. .
Coldstream Guards
• Bath: printed for Charles Duffeld: 1812.
• Cambridge: Ken Trotman: 1999. vii, 109 + 73pp. Published as (and with) "Two Peninsular War Journals: A Journal Of The Campaign In Portugal And Spain From The Year 1809 To 1812, By Maj. Gen. Henry Mackinnon; And Reminiscences Of A Campaign In The Pyrenees And South Of France In 1814 By John Malcolm.".

Madden, G.

Services of G. Madden, 1809-1813, by a Friend.
Portuguese Service
• London: 1815.

Malcolm, John

Reminiscences of the Campaign in the Pyranees and the South of France in 1813-14.


42nd Foot

Marbot, Jean Baptiste Antoine Marcellin

The memoirs of Baron de Marbot, late lieutenant-general in the French army.

Conan Doyle called this "the first of all soldier books in the world"

• London: Longmans, Green and Co: 1892. 2 vols. WorldCat translated from the French by Arthur John Butle.
• New York: C. Scribner's Sons: 1935. xii, 499pp. Published as Adventures of General Marbot, by himself edited and illustrated by John W. Thomason, Jr.

Martin Diaz, Juan

Military Exploits of Don Juan Martin Diez, the Empecinado; who first commenced and then organised the system of guerilla warfare in Spain. To which is added that chieftain's celebrated representation to the King of Spain..
• London: Carpenter and Son,: 1823. iv, 174.

Maxwell, W. H. [editor]

Peninsular Sketches; By Actors On The Scene.

A compilation of memoirs,

• London: Henry Colburn: 1845. 2 vols. (1) 389pp (2) 388pp.
• Cambridge: Ken Trotman: 1998. 2 vols. (1) 389pp (2) 388pp. edition limited to 125 copies.

Mayne, R and J. W. Lillie

A narrative of the campaigns of the Loyal Lusitanian Legion under Brigadier General Sir Robert Wilson ... : with some account of the military operations in Spain and Portugal during the years 1809, 1810 & 1811..
Portuguese Service
• London: Roworth: 1812. iv, vii, 346pp. WorldCat
• Cambridge: Ken Trotman: 1986. viii, 346pp. Published as A Narrative of campaigns of the Loyal Lusitanian Legion : during the years 1809, 1810 & 1811 WorldCat isbn: 0946879117 Amazon  
• Leonaur: 2014. Published as LOYAL LUSITANIAN LEGION DURING THE PENINSULAR WAR : the campaigns of wellington's portuguese troops... 1809-11 WorldCat isbn: 1782823689 Amazon  

Mills, John

For King & Country.The Letters & Diaries of John Mills. Coldstream Guards,1811-1814.
Coldstream Guards
• Spellmount: 1995. 297pp. Edited by Ian Fletcher. WorldCat isbn: 1873376227 Amazon  

Mockler-Ferryman, A F

The life of a regimental officer during the great war, 1793-1815 : comp. from the correspondence of Colonel Samuel Rice, C.B., K.H. 51st light infantry, and from other sources.
• Edinburgh: Blackwood: 1913. xv, 326pp. WorldCat

Moore, John, Sir, 1761-1809

The diary of Sir John Moore.
• London: E. Arnold: 1904. 2 v. front. (port.) 7 fold. maps. Edited by edited by Major-General Sir J. F. Maurice 1841-1912. WorldCat

Moore, James

A Narrative of the British Army in Spain commanded by His Excellency Lt.-Genl. Sir John Moore: Authenticated by Official Papers & Original Letters..
• London: Joseph Johnson: 1809. 324pp, 2 maps, frontis Corunna, portrait of Moore.

Morley, Stephen

Memoirs of a Sergeant of the 5th Regiment.

Campaigns of 1808-1811

5th Foot
• Ashford: 1842.
• Cambridge: Ken Trotman: 1999. 123pp. isbn: 0946879826 Amazon   WorldCat

Moyle Sherer, G.

Recollections of the Peninsula.

Recommended. Describes life campaigning more than individual battles.

48th Foot
• London: 1823.
• London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green: 1824. 2nd edition. 262pp.
• Staplehurst: Spellmount: 1996. 262pp. Spellmount Library of Military History Edited by introduction by Philip Haythornthwaite.

Napier, Sir William

The Life and Opinions of Sir Charles James Napier.

First volume covers the Peninsular

50th Foot
• London: John Murray: 1857. vii,482pp; vii,458pp; viii,482pp; viii,432pp.

Napier, Sir George, K.C.B.

Passages in the Early Military Life of Gen. Sir Geo. Napier, K.C.B., Written By Himself.
43rd Foot
• London: Murray: 1884. 295pp. Edited by General W. C. E. Napier.

Neale, Adam

Letters from Portugal and Spain; comprising an account of the operations of the armies under Their Excellencies Sir Arthur Wellesley and Sir John Moore, from the landing of the troops in Mondego Bay to the Battle at Corunna. Illustrated with engravings by Heath, Fittler, Warren, &c., from drawings made on the spot by Adam Neale.

Vimeiro and Corunna. Also included in Constable's Miscellanies'

• London: R. Philips: 1809. xvi, 348pp. WorldCat

Ompteda, Baron Christian

Memoirs and Letters of Baron Christian Ompteda, Colonel in the King's German Legion.

Memoirs of Christian von Ompteda ... edited by his grand-nephew, Baron Louis von Ompteda, who has made use, for that purpose, primarily of the letters and diaries of his grand-uncle, and the personal literary remains of the late Baron Louis, Christian's brother.

King's German Legion
• London: H. Grevel & Co.: 1894. viii, 320pp. WorldCat title is also cited as "A Hanoverian-English officer a hundred years ago".
• Cambridge: K. Trotman: 1987. viii, 320pp. WorldCat isbn: 0946879214 Amazon  

O'Neil, Charles

The Military Adventures Of Charles O'Neil.

Originally published in the United States

• Worcester: Edward Livermore: 1851. 258pp.
• Spellmount: 1997. 258pp. Spellmount Library of Military History

Ormsby, James Wilmot

Operations of the British Army in Portugal and Spain, 1808-1809, by Rev. Jas. Wilmot Ormsby, with appendices, etc..
• London: 1809.


The Pakenham Letters from the Peninsular.
• 2004. 39pp. wrappers.

Patterson, John

Adventures of Captain John Patterson, with Notices of Officers of the 50th Queen's Regiment 1807-1821.
50th Foot
• London: 1837.
• Leonaur: 2009. x, 231pp. WorldCat isbn: 793748662 Amazon  

Patterson, John

Camp and Quarters. Scenes and Impressions of Military Life.
50th Foot
• London: 1843.

Pearson, Andrew

The Soldier Who Walked Away: Autobiography Of Andrew Pearson, A Peninsular War Veteran.

Pearson was a sergeant in the 61st; accused of an offense and fearing for his life, he walked across Spain and Portugal.

61st Foot
• Liverpool: Bulfinch Publications: [ca 1995]. 126pp. isbn: 0951142712 Amazon  

Pelet, Jean Jacques Germain, Baron, 1777-1858

The French campaign in Portugal, 1810-1811: an account..

Translation of a handwritten manuscript entitled Campagne de Portugal, which is in the general collection, Memoires historiques, at the Archives de la Guerre, Vincennes, France.

• Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press: 1973. xv, 570pp. Edited by Donald D. Horward. isbn: 0816606587 Amazon  

Pepe, Gen Guglielmo

Memoirs of General Pepe.

A Major under Massena, a Colonel under Suchet. Commanded a Neapolitan Brigade in the Peninsula

• Felling, Tyne & Wear: Worley publications: 1999. 294. Reprint of 1846 edition. isbn: 186980452X Amazon  

Picton, Sir Thomas

Memoirs and Correspondence of Sir Thomas Picton.
• London: 1836. 2 vols. Edited by H. R. Robinson.

Porter, Sir Robert Ker

Letters from Portugal and Spain written during the March of the British Troops, 1808-1809.
• London: Longman Hurst Rees and Orme: 1809. xiv,320pp; map, 6 views.
• Cambridge: Ken Trotman: 1985. iv, 320pp. isbn: 0946879109 Amazon  

Rice, Samuel

The Life of a Regimental Officer during the Great War 1793-1815. Compiled from the correspondence of Colonel Samuel Rice, 51st Light Infantry, and from other sources by Lt Colonel A F Mockler-Ferryman..
51st Foot
• London: William Blackwood: 1913. xv, 336pp. Edited by Lt Colonel A F Mockler-Ferryman. WorldCat

Robertson, D.

Journal of Sergeant D. Robertson, Late 92nd Highlanders, During the Campaigns Between 1797 and 1818.
92nd Foot
• Perth: 1842.
• Maggs: 1982. 164pp. Limited to 100 copies. WorldCat isbn: 0901953032 Amazon  

Ross-Lewin, H.

Life of a Soldier, a Narrative of 27 Years' Service in Various Parts of the World, by a Field Officer.
32nd Foot
• London: Bentley: 1834. 2 (3?) Vols.
• Dublin: Hodges Figgis: 1904. xxiv, 368pp. Published as With the Thirty-Second in the peninsular and other campaigns
• Naval & Military Press: 2004. 368pp. Softcover .

Rous, John

A guards officer in the Peninsula : the Peninsula War letters of John Rous, Coldstream Guards, 1812-1814.
• Tunbridge Wells : Spellmount: 1992. 144pp.

Schaumann, August L. F.

On The Road With Wellington. The Diary Of A War Commissary .

Schaumann was present in Spain from Sir John Moore's campaigns through the invasion of France. Half underappreciated labors of a Commissary, half Casanoverian romp. Good coverage of small incidents. The Heinmann edition has very nice tipped in color plates.

King's German Legion
• London: Heinemann: 1924. 416pp.
• London: Greenhill / Napoleonic Library 34: 1999. 448pp. Introduction by Bernard Cornwell. isbn: 1853673536 Amazon  
• : Naval & Military Press: 2008. xxi, 416pp. isbn: 1847345174 Amazon   WorldCat

Shaw-Kennedy, T.

Diary of 1810.

printed in Lord Fitzclarance's Manual of Outpost Duties. Shaw-Kennedy was aide-de-camp to General Craufurd

• see note: 1849.

Simmons, George

A British Rifle Man. Journals and Correspondence During the Peninsular War and the Campaign of Wellington.
• London: 1899. xxvii, 386pp. Introduction by Verners, Lieut.-Colonel Willoughby.
• London: Greenhill: 1986. xxix, 386pp. isbn: 0947898336 Amazon  
• Naval and Military Press: 2002. xxvi + 386pp. isbn: 1843423960 Amazon  

Smith, Harry, Sir

The Autobiography of Sir Harry Smith 1787-1819.

The 1901 edition is in two volumes. A shorter version, first published 1910, covers his earlier years, primarily in the peninsular, but continueing to New Orleans and Waterloo

Harry Smith was the English Officer who met his wife when she was, with her sister, escaping from the sack of Badajos, providing a plot for a number of historical novels. There is a biography of Smith by Joseph Lehmann titled "Remember You Are an Englishman" (1977).

• London: 1901.
• London: Constable: [1999]. xviii,333pp. Introduction by Philip Haythornthwaite. isbn: 0094797404 Amazon  

Smithies, James

Adventurous Pursuits of a Peninsular War and Waterloo Veteran: The Story of Private James Smithies, 1st Royal Dragoons.
!st Royal Dragoons
• Ken Trotman: 2012. 80pp. Edited by Gareth Glover. isbn: 1907417281 Amazon  

Sorrell, Lieut.-Col. T. S.

Notes on the Campaign of 1808-1809.

aide-de-camp to Sir.D. Baird

• London: 1828.

Soult, Nicolas Jean de Dieu, duc de Dalmatie, 1769-1851

Memoires du marechal Soult: Espagne et Portugal. Texte etabli et presente par Louis et Antoinette de Saint-Pierre.
• [Paris]: Hachette: [1955]. 366 p. maps.

Stanhope, James

Eyewitness to the Peninsular War and the Battle of Waterloo. The Letters and Journals of Lieutenant Colonel James Stanhope 1803 to 1825 Recording His Service with Sir John Moore, Sir Thomas Graham & the Duke of Wellington.

The long fight against the French in Portugal and Spain, the campaign in Holland, then the Battle of Waterloo – James Stanhope lived through all these extraordinary events and recorded them in vivid detail. He served as an aide de camp to the major commanders of the day – Wellington, General Graham, Lord Paget, the Duke of York among them. And he described his experiences and observations in a lucid and candid prose that makes his journals of great historical value and of compelling interest to us today. [from the publisher's website]

• Ken Trotman: 2007. 44pp. Published as A STAFF OFFICER IN THE PENINSULAR AND WATERLOO CAMPAIGNS: THE LETTERS OF LIEUTENANT COLONEL THE HONOURABLE JAMES H.STANHOPE 1810-1815 Presumably an abridgement since the subsequent edition has nearly 7 times more pages.
• Pen & Sword Military : 2010. 288pp. isbn: 9781848843929 Amazon  

Stepney, S. Cowell

Leaves from the Diary of an Officer of the Guard, Sketches of Campaigning Life.

2nd Foot Guards [Coldstream Guards]

• London: Chapman and Hall: 1854.
• Cambridge: Ken Trotman: 1994. viii, 295pp.

Steevens, Charles

Reminiscences of Col. Chas. Steevens, 1795-1818.
20th Foot
• Winchester: Winchester, Warren & Son: 1878. 124pp. WorldCat

Stevenson, J.

Twenty-One Years in the British Foot Guards. sixteen years a non-commissioned officer, forty years a Wesleyan classleader..
3rd Foot Guards
• London: 1830. WorldCat

Suchet, Louis-Gabriel

Memoirs of the war in Spain, from 1808 to 1814.
• London: H Colburn: 1829. 2 vols.

Alison, Archibald

Lives of Lord Castlereagh and Sir Charles Stewart the second and third Marquesses of Londonderry : with annals of contempory events in which they bore a part from the original papers of the family .

The third marquess was Charles Stewart, Adjutant-General to Wellington.

• Edinburgh: Blackwood: 1861. WorldCat

Stothert, William

A Narrative of the Principal Events of the campaigns of 1809, 1810 and 1811 in Spain and Portugal; interspersed with remarks on local scenery and manners. In a series of letters. By Captain William Stothert, Adjutant, Third Foot Guards..

Oman cites this as: Journal of the Campaigns of 1809-1811

3rd Foot Guards
• London: P Martinx: 1812. xii, 276pp. WorldCat
• Cambridge: Ken Trotman: 1997. 276pp. WorldCat isbn: 0946879605 Amazon   Limited to 250 copies.

Surtees, William

Twenty-Five Years In The Rifle Brigade.

Surtees enlisted in 1802

• Edinburgh: Blackwood: 1833. WorldCat
• London: F. Muller: 1973. 450pp. WorldCat Diaries of the Napolionic Wars
• London: Greenhill : 1996. 464pp. isbn: 1853672300 Amazon  

Swabey, William

Diary of campaigns in the Peninsula, for the years 1811, 12, and 13 .
• London: K Trotman: 1984. 217pp. isbn: 0946879028 Amazon  

Ward, Harriet

Recollections of an Old soldier, a Biographical Sketch of the Late Col. Tidy, C. B., 24th Regt..
24th Foot
• London: 1849. WorldCat

Thiébault, Paul Charles François Adrien Henri Dieudonneé, baron

The memoirs of Baron Thiébault (late lieutenant-general in the French army).

The original French edition was 5 volumes of roughly 500 pages each. Arthur John Butler also translated Marbot.

• London: Smith Elter & Co: 1896. 2 vols. Translated and condensed by Arthur John Butler.
• New York: Macmillan: 1896. 2 vols.
• Worley: 1994. 2 vols.

Tomkinson, William, Lieutenant-Colonel

The Diary of a Cavalry Officer in the Peninsular War and Waterloo Campaign 1809-1815..

The author was born in 1790, gazetted cornet in the 16th Light Dragoons in 1807,joined his regiment in April 1808. Thanked in the general orders of the day January 22nd, 1811, and recommended for promotion in Wellington's dispatch to the Horse Guards May 14th, 1811. In 1812 gazetted Captain in the 60th regiment but exchanged back into his old regiment without leaving it. Died 1872. The entries are primarily by specific date.

16th Light Dragoons
• London: S. Sonnenschein & co.: 1894. viii,358pp. Edited by His Son, James Tomkinson.
• London: Swan Sonnenschein and Co.: 1895. Edited by His Son, James Tomkinson. vii,356pp. Portrait frontis (the author), engravings (portraits of Bob, his horse, and Charles Somers Cocks) folding maps, index. . second edition.
• Frederick Muller: 1971. vii, 358pp. Diaries of the Napoleonic Wars facsimile of the second edition. WorldCat
• Staplehurst: Spellmount: 1999. 358pp. Spellmount Library of Military History facsimile of the second edition. isbn: 1862270554 Amazon   WorldCat

Vere, Charles Brooke

Marches, Movements, and Operations of the 4th Division, in Spain and Portugal, 1810-1812.

Assistant Quarter-Master General

• Ipswich: R. Deck: 1841. 44pp. WorldCat

Verner, William

Reminiscences of William Verner (1782-1871) 7th Hussars.
7th Hussars
• London: Society for Army Historical Research: 1965. 58pp. Edited by edited by Ruth Verner. Special Publication No. 8 of the Society

Vivian, Richard Hussey

Richard Hussey Vivian, First Baron Vivian. Memoir and Letters.
7th Hussars
• London: 1897. Edited by The Hon. Claude Vivian. WorldCat
• Ken Trotman: nd. Limited to 100 copies. Facsimile of the 1897 edition.

Warre, Sir George

Letters, 1808-1812, of Sir George Warre.
Portuguese Service
• London: J Murray: 1909. xxiii, 312pp. Edited by Rev. E. Warre, D. D..

Watson, Edward

9th Regiment of Foot
• Ken Trotman: 2017. 84pp. Edited by glover, gareth.

Webber, William

With The Guns in the Peninsula: The Peninsula War Journal of 2nd Captain William Webber, Royal Artillery.
• London: Greenhill: 1991. 196pp. isbn: 1853671088 Amazon   Napoleonic Library

Westcott, John

• Ken Trotman: 140pp. Edited by Glover, Gareth.

Wheatley, Edmund

The Wheatley Diary; a Journal and Sketchbook Kept During the Peninsula War and the Waterloo Campaign.
• London: Longmans: 1964. xv, 95pp. Edited by Christopher Hibbert. WorldCat WorldCat

Wheeler, William

Journal From the Year 1809 to 1816 by William Wheeler, a Soldier of the 51st or Kings Own Light Infantry.
51st Foot
• Corfu: 1824.

Wheeler, William

The Letters of Private Wheeler.

First published in the middle of the 20th century; highly recommended.

51st Light Infantry Regiment
• London: Michael Joseph: 1951. Edited by Captain B. H. Liddell Hart.
• Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company: [1952]. Edited by Captain B. H. Liddell Hart. viii, 343pp.
• Cassell Military: 1994. Edited by Captain B. H. Liddell Hart. 292pp. Wrappers..
• Gloucestershire: Windrush Press: 1999. Edited by Captain B. H. Liddell Hart. 268pp. Wrappers.. isbn: 0900075333 Amazon  

Whittingham, Sir Samuel Ford

A memoir of the services of Lieutenant-General Sir Samuel Ford Whittingham, K.C.B., K.C.H., G.C.F., colonel of the 71st Highland light infantry. Derived chiefly from his own letters and from those of distinguished contemporaries.
• London: Longmans, Green, and Co: 1868. xxviii, 503pp. WorldCat

Wood, George

The Subaltern Officer, a Narrative by Captain Geo. Wood of the 82nd Prince of Wales Volunteers.
82nd Foot
• London: 1825.
• Ken Trotman: 1986. 247pp. Limited to 300 copies. isbn: 0946879141 Amazon  

Woodberry, George.

Journal of Lieutenant Woodberry in the Campaigns of 1813-1815.

Oman lists this in his Wellington's Army. .

18th Hussars
• Paris: 1896.
• Frontline Books: 2018. 256pp. Published as With Wellington's Hussars in the Peninsula and at Waterloo isbn: 9781473893979 Amazon   His lively, detailed and entertaining account of his time in Wellington’s army is matched by the unusual story of the history of his journal. It was published once before, in 1898, but in French by a Paris-based publisher. The original journal, in two leather-bound volumes, has since been lost, but the French edition has now been translated back into English by renowned Napoleonic historian Gareth Glover and is published in the UK for the first time. [publisher's website] .

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