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The most worthless book of a bygone day is a record worthy of preservation. Like a telescopic star, its obscurity may render in unavailable for most purposes; but it serves, in hands which know how to use it, to determine the places of more important bodies - De Morgan.

A Note on Augustus De Morgan

I recently had the good fortune to stumble across a copy of Augustus De Morgan's A Budget of Paradoxes in a used bookstore in Belfast, Maine. It was in a shelf of "History of Ideas" books (a volume of essays by A. O. Lovejoy, usually considered the founder of that discipline, was next to it ). I knew just enough about De Morgan to know he was a mathematician, ...more...  August 3, 2018

The Sather Lectures

Something different: a lecture series from the University of California, on ancient Greece and Rome. Its a pretty remarkable series; it began in 1921 and nearly half of the titles are still in print. I own a few and wanted an aid to help me pick out and purchase other titles in the series. April 24, 2018

The Sather Lectures

The Cresset Library

A list of the twenty-odd titles published by Cresset Press in their Cresset Library series in the forties into the sixties - an attractive and interesting selection of historical reprints. April 1, 2018

A checklist of the Cresset Library series

Bohn's Antiquarian Library

A checklist of books published in the Bohn's Antiquarian Library series between 1847 and 1913. Each entry is accompanied by a link to the full text of the publication (at the Hathi Trust) as well as links to author biographies and searches of used book sites. March 2018

A checklist of Bohn's Antiquarian Library

A note on military memoirs

Military memoirs are a long-time interest of mine, dating back to reading Goodbye to All That decades ago. I recently stumbled across an interesting top-ten type list for Military Memoirs. Most such things are just so much click-bait, but this was quite good: Andrew Sharples' top 10 war memoirs from the Guardian newspaper in 2015. It was extremely nice to see some books I am not familiar with: The Junior Officers’ Reading Club by Patrick Hennessey, for example, and I will definitely check out out a number of the books that are new to me. The one selection from the Peninsular War is perfectly reasonable, though I prefer the memoirs that are a bit more colorful, such as Adventures With the Connaught Rangers or Adventures in the Rifle Brigade. The Guardian is an excellent newspaper: support it. February 2018

Checklists of Dover Publications

The initial group covers selected items published by Dover in Mystery & Detection, Science Fiction, Fantasy & Supernatural Fiction, and classic accounts of Exploration. Books covered go back to the fifties of the last century; many are still in print.

Checklists of selected Dover reprints

Next up, a list of Classic Thrillers published by J. M. Dent in the 1980's

A listing of around 40 vintage thrillers published in the 1980's. Sapper, Dornford Yates, Geoffrey Household, John Buchan and others. Very British. First posted January 17, 2018.

The Classic Thrillers Series

A Bibliography of the Peninsula War Spain and Portugal 1808-1814

First up is a bibliography I put together more than a decade ago for the Peninsular War in Spain and Portugal. I found it fascinating because it was the first prolonged military conflict with a large number of literate participants who later wrote about it. There are links to various bookselling sites, to Worldcat (when I have located a catalog entry), and I have begun to add links to full text when available, at Project Gutenberg and the Hathi Trust.

A list of books relating to the Peninsular War in Spain and Portugal 1808-1814

The Checklists

Peninsula War

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 Bohn's Antiquarian Library
 The Classic Thrillers Series
 The Cresset Library

Dover Publications

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